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(02-08-2023, 09:40 PM)Brekkie Wrote:  Think there was a More4+2 briefly too.

Believe that was a placeholder on Sky just prior to the launch of 4seven in 2012.

Yeah, most of them were placeholders indeed.

Yet, FX+ was in its initial intent a +2hour channel

Some developments took place yesterday on Saorview.

Oireachtas TV had shown a separate HD stream of RTÉ2.

There was also some temporary streams broadcasting on Channel 9, 10 and 28. However I missed out on watching them.

Does anyone here know what those 3 other broadcast streams were on Saorview?

Considering how behind Saorview is, they were probably UK Gold, Sky Movies Premier and Sky Sports 3.

Seriously though, testing on 9 and 10 are where the main channels go, as the +1s are from 11 onwards, so that's interesting.

28 though, its too far down to be news, and is right behind the information barker channels, so no idea what that could be.
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LCN 31 has been added to the bouquet of test channels on Saorview since yesterday.

Every test channel on those LCN's are in SD. They are all testing on MUX 2.

Here is the link from the Digital Bitrate website about these tests. 

Some more changes occurred on Saorview this afternoon.

Another test card has appeared on LCN 32. However a data feed on LCN 252 has been removed.

In an update from my previous post that was published yesterday; there has been a lot of testing activity happening on Saorview recently.

New encoders have been installed for Saorview to give more efficient pictures. It has reduced the bitrate of the HD channels on Saorview.

The other activity on Saorview involve devices that are enabled with HbbTV.

There are some HbbTV channels currently testing on Saorview in HD. They are being tested in 1920x1080p at 25fps.

That resolution is higher than the current HD channels on Saorview's EPG which are at 1440x1080p.

The radio channel list on Saorview has carried out a LCN swap for some radio stations on the EPG. However this is only occurring for devices that are enabled with HbbTV. Non-HbbTV devices have their Radio channels lists unchanged.

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