Newsroom Movers and Shakers

Ros Atkins has announced his next career move - he's playing Glastonbury this summer. 
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I never thought I'd see the day that Ros Atkins is on a DnB line-up with the likes of Chinese Daughter!

Ione Wells is back from San Paulo as the South America correspondent for BBC News to cover the GE as a political correspondent again.
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Abbie Dewhurst will soon be leaving BBC Yorkshire after eight years. 

Paul Byrne has resigned from his position as Southern Correspondent for Virgin Media News in Ireland.

His resignation happened on Tuesday the 4th of June. 
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Paul Barry, the longtime host of Media Watch on ABC Australia, is leaving the programme by December. 

Watch this space...
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Three years after his highly-publicised hiring after being a contestant on the German version of Strictly, Jan Hofer is semi-retiring from TV news: he will stop presenting RTL Direkt, the network’s nightly current affairs magazine, very soon. Pinar Atalay will become RTL Direkt’s main anchor, normally presenting at least three weeks a month the program; Lothar Keller, the Berlin-based programme editor, will now anchor one week per month and stand-in as needed (he will leave, as a result, the anchor rotation for Nachtjournal). Hofer will continue work for special projects at the broadcaster. 

This comes at a major period of upheaval for RTL: Peter Kloeppel, the longtime anchorman of RTL Aktuell, is retiring, as is his longtime sidekick (and sports anchor) Ulrike von der Groeben. They will retire at the end of August, with the program gaining a more consistent anchor rotation from September, with Roberta Bieling (currently Punkt 12 main relief presenter) and Andreas von Thien (longtime sports presenter and currently RTL’s Sports Editor) alternating weekly with Christopher Wittich (currently Washington correspondent) with Anna Fleischhauer on sports. Other presenters will continue to stand-in if needed. 
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ITV Wales reporter Marina Jenkins has moved back to ITV West Country. She's becoming a Plymouth based reporter.

Today she was covering the early 4pm bulletin due to Euro 2024 from Bristol.
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Also Milena Veselinovic has left Sky News for Al Jazeera.
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