TV Mistakes/Breakdowns

Presentation-related mishaps and breakdowns.

NOTE: please do not reference material from social media outlets that has clearly been websnatched from a presentation website.

I guess I'll bless this thread with it's first post. And my blessing shall be a classic... 

Or in this case, where occasionally late night television shows go awry when the clocks change from BST to GMT. 

A "fracas" on The Time the Place forces the show off air and This Morning goes on air earlier than usual due to the abrupt end of TTTP. 

BrandonH: Archiving Television Past and Present.

Here we go then. Are breakdowns fun anymore? I love a good bit of technical gremlins on the screen attached to my wall, but considering that the major TV channels have plenty of contingencies in place, breakdowns amount for 5 minutes of generic, ambient music over a holding slide. 

Go back 15-20 years ago, when the infrastructure wasn't there, there was a sense of excitement about these things, but that is seemingly missing these days 

[Image: SAD%20BLU2.png]

I do love it when telly goes belly up! One example of this is when the sound desk crashed... 

And I cannot forget this classic... VT! VT! 

First post on this site.

This one's interesting: 

Came across this one in my archives, and don't believe I've shared it anywhere before - from March 2019. Video and sound disappear, but the straps appear to continue as normal. Sound is restored, shortly followed by vision. This happened again shortly after I stopped filming 

(apologies for the CRT flicker and all-around terrible quality...)

Disney Channel USA was filled with issues during the premiere showing of Chibiverse.

BrandonH: Archiving Television Past and Present.

I'll include this one, from the early days of Channel 4, when the regional ITV companies sold the C4 airtime in their area, and thus inserted the adverts. It appears the first set of ads were on cartridge, but the last advert was on telecine, and the machine wouldn't start!

If a local ITV company didn't sell the airtime during a break, you saw the "part two or whatever, follows shortly" slide, and music, which explains the brief snatch of music we hear, during the black screen. This is clearly from TVS, as there's a Southampton local advert in this break. 

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