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(26-02-2024, 10:08 PM)Spencer Wrote:  Is there not a fundamental problem with using a double lavalier mic to provide both primary and backup audio, in that if there’s a problem with one connection, such as damage, accidentally being unplugged, or not plugged in in the first place, the same issue is highly likely to affect the other?
Yes two mics isn't much good if there's not two of everything, right back to the sound desk.

The most likely thing to go wrong is the transmitter pack - have the batteries failed, has the presenter turned it off to have a wee?.....
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I still can’t get over how unnecessarily large the Scotland studio is, it looks like an aircraft hangar. It really needs a couple of the standard soft chairs and a small table near the tower (or something else) to help fill the space a little.
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From the end of that YouTube clip, with the screens in darkness, it looks like the set completely 'crashed'. Wonder if the fact he's still talking when they opt back and cut back to the studio briefly means he lost all comms including talkback.

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When they cut back from the VT, he gives the microphone a wiggle - which suggests he knew there was something up. I suspect he was just chatting to someone in the studio or gallery when they cut back to him.

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