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(16-06-2023, 11:17 AM)Kim Wexler’s Ponytail Wrote:  Agree about Channel 5. They are just a number on a coloured background but that's their charm, there are no delusions of grandeur.  They're not trying to say anything pompous they're just telling you what channel you're watching like idents used to do. If it was any other channel they'd probably get more credit for their old school approach.
Maybe from some, but I appreciate the grandeur! I like seeing innovation and unique ideas and bold concepts, so something quite so basic doesn't do much for me even if it's competent.

(16-06-2023, 10:56 AM)Stuart Wrote:  The logo is the 5 brand. It's used across their other UK channels and the streaming service.  They had a long period of ever-changing ownership and identity which felt like they were happening every 20 minutes. They even kept changing the names of the channels within the group, which doesn't help.

I think the point being made is that a brand is more than just a logo, and that the idents don't communicate any of this. I don't really have a view on this as I literally never watch Channel 5, but I do understand the point.
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Without turning this thread into one about C5 [MOD EDIT: we've done that for you!] I must admit I find their presentation really quite tacky if I’m honest. It’s certainly better than the Northern and Shell era, but it still really does have that cheap and naff feel to it, as much as I respect that they’ve tried to spruce it up a bit over the years. 

There is so much potential for that channel’s identity and the fact they’re under Paramount also has my expectations higher - it still feels naff though and it’s sad. It feels like an afterthought.
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It's a bit bland though they do some good one-offs alongside them. Will say the logo though is a huge improvement on what they had before, even if it clearly a rip-off if the C4 logo.
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Channel 5 have recently changed their off screen presentation and it looks okay if a bit bland.
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Poor Channel 5. They can never catch a break Big Grin
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(16-06-2023, 04:25 PM)DeMarkay Wrote:  Poor Channel 5. They can never catch a break Big Grin
I concur. I actually watch 5USA more than the main channel and they have very nice idents.  I appreciate they are now 6 years old, but they still work very well for a niche channel within the bouquet. There aren't many of them, but they are well made and imaginative. 

(Source: YouTube)

(16-06-2023, 03:13 PM)XIII Wrote:  Channel 5 have recently changed their off screen presentation and it looks okay if a bit bland.

Care to elaborate? What is it and where was it seen?
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Ident for the four-part drama 'Heat' which begins tonight: 

[Image: tig96x96.png]
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There's also recently been Puzzling and Romans special idents too.

I know they get a bit of stick for not having the most innovative regular idents, but I quite admire the simplicity - a nice animation with the logo reveal at the end. Especially compared with the pretty pretentious previous set.

Plus they are the only major channel making an effort these days with special ones. Outside of Christmas we get absolutely nothing from the BBC. A far cry from the 90s/2000s.
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