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This clip has appeared,  which is another ITV promotion with John Thaw.  We have to wonder if Thaw did 15 take with each company name? 

A nice and interesting Tweet chain this morning from Dom at BBC Scotland, going behind the scenes of a typical shift in Pres A. 

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Does BBC One Scotland still do that odd thing of taking most of the 5.55am junction from BBC One network and then having a BBC One Scotland ident/link into Breakfast? Never understood why they did that.
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I always understood this bit here being about making sure that a cleaner didn't start cutting up random sources overnight: 

There's also an alarm on the system in London in case control's not been handed over by a certain time. One morning it went off, so I checked the checklist, which said to call the head of pres to let them know.

The checklist was soon updated to say to call Pres A first.

(I'd managed to wake up both the recently retired head of pres, then the current one, who was almost out the door before the pres director called - they were in the room but had just forgotten to call)
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On the topic of BBC, a collection of BBC Video World openers, bumpers and closings, in all COW's glory: 

Not too familiar about this service - from what I saw, seems like a tape subscription service with updates on the Beeb and British current affairs? Can someone enlighten me about that?

Watch this space...
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I’m not sure if it was discussed in the purple place or on Twitter, but essentially it was a video and magazine service the BBC offered around the world to viewers wanting to see the best of British TV, with some news and current affairs material. From what I remember they often had single episodes of dramas and comedies on them.
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On the Internet Archive 2 full tapes of BBC Video World are availabe to watch, here they are: 
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As someone who remembers the show, this is wonderful: 
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Launch of Central's new look in 1998: 
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The Central "globe logo"? It looks even less like a globe than it does a cake!

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