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Still 25fps.

Here's an image of the clapperboard captured during filming in Bristol earlier this summer:
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(25-10-2022, 04:36 PM)CATV Wrote:  Well the BBC owns Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.  If spinoff happen and they want to connect to Doctor Who world then the BBC would demand to own some if not full rights.  I think Bad Wolf are making the show for/with BBC Studios.  I don't think Bad Wolf will own much if anything.

It is my understanding that the BBC has trademarked 'Whoniverse'.  BBCWhoniverse twitter was set up in December 2021 couple of months after Russell returned.

BBC trademarked ‘Whoniverse’ in 2017.

Millie Gibson is the new companion as announced on Children in Need. 
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She was, in my view, great in Coronation Street, so I'm looking forward to seeing her debut next year.
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The Sarah Jane Adventures is available on iPlayer again - but, one of the stories from the fifth series, The Curse of Clyde Langer, is missing.
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I wonder why they would upload the whole series but miss one two-part story off. That sort of thing really bugs me; if I'm watching a series, I want to be able to catch up with ALL of it. I can't be doing with missing bits. I hope they rectify it; I was rather hoping to watch it over the coming weekends as a Doctor Who fan who's missing the regularity of episodes we used to have in the Eccleston/Tennant era and was hoping this would plug the yearlong gap we've got coming up to some extent.
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The Curse of Clyde Langer actually had quite a good subplot to it, if I recall. I can only assume its a glitch, unless there is another reason its missing

[Image: BB50.png]

Is there an issue with that story's homelessness plot?

EDIT: There shouldn't be - it's available on ITVX. 
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I'm fairly confident it's a mistake; in fact, I may be mistaken, but I have a dim memory that this very same story was initially missing when the series appeared on BritBox. It was added when people pointed out the error, I think... Could there be some weirdness in how these two episodes are archived, for some reason?

Edit - Yes, this is from August 2021. The plot thickens! 
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Trailer tonight after Strictly. 
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