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Thought whilst we're looking at how UK news is delivered outside the traditional bulletins at the moment worth sending some praise the way of ITV News and their ITVX service. 

Headlines and a few reports on todays top stories both online and on the TV app, largely content which is being made for the TV bulletins anyway - but available in an easy to digest and easy to find way for viewers.

I always thought it was a mistake closing the dedicated BBC News and BBC Sport smart TV apps.    Now there is no news video content available via a connected TV other than full bulletins on iPlayer - I think initially they did put some short form content on there but is soon disappeared, although there is still content for the website and mobile app.     Sport is slightly better as they still offer some short form highlights for big events via the iPlayer.    Video content is still produced for the website and socials, but not made easily available via a TV.
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ITVX adding a pop-up news channel for PMQs and breaking news events. Also finally adding regional news content, with some exclusive content that can meet their OFCOM quotas. Suspect that might mean more bulletins which font air due to sport air on ITVX 

This is good move and way to monetize national and regional content that "sits on the shelf" after its broadcast. Globaltv Canada launched a national streamer and a collection of streams for their local news stations. This sounds exactly the same thing. Jukeboxed content for each region. This has been a trend across North America for a few years with the rising popularity of FAST and Streaming. Good to see the UK commercial networks getting in on this and making ad money to plough back into their news operations. What would be cool is if those local regions had control to go live maybe for a local story that doesnt garner national attention but certainly affects those locally. But it seems the regional newsteams only do their local programmes and thats it.

I really like this from ITV, do like what they are doing here in terms of having a pop up news channel on ITVX for PMQs and for major breaking news stories, I do wonder if this does potentially mean we see perhaps less news on terrestrial tv going forward ie: no regional opt outs in GMB, apart from perhaps the main bulletins.

But all in all, its a very good move.

Interesting that they have announced it on the day the BBC are cutting back on Newsnight and extending the news at one to a 60 min slot.

Having local news on ITVX is a good feature although with ITV London, there's not much in terms of exclusive content that would drive people to the service.

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