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The Old guard changes.

First the most well know local meteorologist in the America, WGN 9 Chicago Tom Skilling is retiring. The station is giving him a month-long send off. 

Now its been revealed that one of the first, if not the 1st TV traffic specialists in the country, WLS 7 Chicago Roz Varon is retiring next month as well. 

WINK News in Fort Myers has moved to a temporary virtual set and it's grim. 
Web Image 
Web Image 
Web Image


Why is the WNBC 4 NY set so bad? They are just standing or sitting at the glass desk in front of the newswall. You would expect more from New York NBC HQ.

Nexstar is rolling out their new Your Local Election Headquarters package, with music composed by Stephen Arnold. So far, it's been seen on WXIN Indianapolis (Fox) and KETK/KFXK (NBC/Fox; the latter under SSA) in East Texas.

Full opener on WXIN: 

Sting on KFXK: 

The full soundtrack for your listening pleasure: 

Celebrating their 70th year, Lockwood's KAKE in Wichita debuted new graphics and set. 

The set is done in collaboration with FX Design Group. 

Watch this space...
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