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Robert MacNeil, one of the inaugural anchors behind PBS Newshour (then the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour), has died. His co-presenter, Lehrer, died back in 2020. 

Watch this space...
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MacNeil also had a four-year stint at the BBC around the turn of the 70s, working on Panorama - hence his role as a analyst to the 1970 general election night programme.
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Hearst's Fort Myers duopoly WBBH and WZVN are starting to transition to their group-wide graphics and music packages. No change by WBBH still, but WZVN has adopted the WMUR package and its custom Hearst Classic music package; Eric Gordon is still heard as their voice-over talent (they may have even changed their gallery and graphics systems from a fully-Chyron workflow to Grass Valley Ignite, Vizrt and ENPS, to align them with the other Hearst stations). 
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Worth remembering that Hearst only own WBBH. WZVN is a LMA with licence owner Montclair Communications.
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