Programme/Movie Openers and Endboards

In this thread, we talk about any recent interesting closing logo sightings on TV (or streaming/home media if you want, but preferably TV). For any newbies, this is basically the logos you may see at the end of TV shows or beginning of movies. The logos I mainly like to find are logos that are rarer to find on TV, but you can showcase anything interesting logo wise here.

I've been checking Sharpe and Catherine Cookson over on Drama to see if I can find any goodies. I've been seeing the original Central logos kept on Sharpe followed by either the 2009 or 2013 ITV Studios Global Entertainment logos which is actually generous of them considering how much they love to plaster logos. Catherine Cookson has been a mixture of 2013 ITV logos and intact Tyne Tees logos (unfortunately, ITV appears more). Tyne Tees logos haven't been sighted on British TV stations for years so the Tyne Tees logo I found was an amazing one. Here's a picture below, this came from Tilly Trotter.

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