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(16-05-2024, 10:47 PM)JAS84 Wrote:  Millionaire currently airing in the wrong aspect ratio - black bars on all four sides.

The Classic Millionaire shows from 2004 (covering Series 5 - 9) are still airing in a mixture of 4:3 Letterbox & 16:9.

Sky don't seem to bother replacing old 14:9 copies on their channels very often... even for shows that were made for the channels themselves where they surely must have access to the 16:9 masters. Still a fair few of them floating around even though the channels have been in 16:9 for a long time.

Whereas UKTV replaced theirs very quickly, I think they were all gone within a couple of years of them going 16:9 (with the exception of the 4:3- not even 14:9- copies of The Bill, which were still around until the current repeat run finally got the 16:9 ones).
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A lot of Sky material was made for them and not by them, so they're effectively indie shows. They may have perpetual rights to being able to air them being the commissioning network, but doesn't mean you get a free new print. They probably have to pay for it.

Road Wars for example, which has pretty much never been off the air since being out of production since 2010, was made by Raw Cut, who make the pretty much the same show in new packaging for Channel 5's Police Interceptors and its Spike spinoffs.

Its only been since Sky Studios was formed (and maybe previous on occasion under Sky Vision) they're effectively Sky productions, like Cobra for example which is a Sky Studios co-production. And all those shows that Ross Kemp did for them? Tiger Aspect.

Not that the logistics of this stuff matter to most people, "its on Channel 4, they've obviously made it", despite we know they don't actually make anything Smile
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