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As we reach the end of another F1 Season, one has to ask: aew the graphics that F1 produce showing too much data for the casual viewer? I watched this video recently, and I would argue that there is a lot of unnecessary visual clutter on current F1 race coverage: 

To my mind, all you need to know is who is where on the track, what lap we're currently on, and maybe the odd extra graphic for things like team radio, or a transition to a replay.

[Image: BB50.png]

I believe when they relaunched the graphics in was it 2004? it was in response to the previous graphics being too basic (and looking a bit too 90s), and that there was a need and/or demand for more information.

As alluded to in the video, F1 Digital was pretty much what the basic output became in due course, and the nature of HD meant it didn't have to take up half the screen in the process just to show who was in 1st and 2nd place.

I think the more the data the most fascinating the race or show if you like.

The rise in the sport’s popularity has most certainly come from the Netflix series ‘Drive To Survive’. This data we are now able to consume is there for us to soak up to be able to understand what’s going on. Decisions made my FIA officials etc.

Wind, rain, speed, debris, tyre temp, body temp - I could go on and on. Totally imperative to the viewing experience.

Good job you don’t use sky glass - I believe you get a whole lot more! ;-)

The pre 2004 graphics were basic, yes, but effective at snapshot points. But pretty much totally useless if you just wandered in and turned it on and didn't have a clue who was where until somebody flashed a graphic up.

Of course the same argument could be used for football, and its interesting to note that on screen score graphics in that sport didn't start to appear until the 1990s: 

The other thing that could be said (returning to F1) is it required concentration on what was going on to be able to follow anything, as you couldn't just gawp top left to see what lap you were on or who was where, and you had to rely on Murray Walker/James Hunt/Martin Brundle/<insert another name here> to fill you in on the bits you couldn't follow yourself - although there were no doubt occasions where they didn't have a clue what was going on either, probably because a computer fell over somewhere and it was anybody's guess what was going on.

I agree with @newsroom. If you watch on Sky Q or Glass, you can even see the timing screen which is very enlightening.

When the race coverage is focusing on say a battle for first and second, seeing what's happening down the pack is of interest for how pit strategies will play out, or judging if a safety car becomes involved.

The more data the better I'd say.

If they change the theme tune too soon I shall be back protesting!

It’s utterly spectacular!

Here's Brian Tyler conducting it live with his orchestra! 
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Arabic F1 graphics have been used since the Austin GP on Saudi Sports Channel and MBC Action in the Middle East. Do any other regions get graphics in languages other than English?

[Image: Screenshot-at-Nov-09-12-15-14.png]
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Quote:The BBC sports broadcaster Jennie Gow has said she is recovering from a serious stroke.

The 45-year-old, who covers Formula 1 for Radio 5 Live, wrote on social media that she had been treated at hospitals in London and Surrey, and her recovery "might take some time".

Ms Gow said the stroke two weeks ago had affected her speech.

BBC News
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Former Channel 4 F1 analyst Susie Wolff was given a new job from FOM yesterday.

She has been appointed as the new managing director of the all female led F1 Academy series which aims to bring in more female drivers into Formula 1.

Congratulations Susie.

I will have no doubt she will be back on Channel 4's F1 coverage at some points throughout the year.

There is also some more news about Alex Jacques and David Coulthard as well. 

Their commentary will be provided for the races on the F1 TV streaming service throughout this year's championship.

More details below.

It says in the above article that Alex Jacques has become lead commentator for F1 TV for this year's F1 championship.

David Coulthard will provide race co-commentary on F1 TV as well. 

Is still with Channel 4 for this year?

I also wonder what is going to happen with Ben Edwards commentary which was featured was on the service from last year. 

Is sounds like that he is not going to be alongside Joylon Palmer with F1 TV for this year?

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