ITV Channel Brand Refresh (15th November and Beyond)

A thread to discuss the refresh of on-screen presentation on ITV 1, ITV 2, ITV 3, ITV 4 and ITVBe.
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That ident was more suited to ITV2 than ITV1 I reckon. As expected, no change to GMB.
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What the hell was that!?

Like something you’d have going into Love Island not GMB
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First ident felt very ITV2. Seemed a bit odd to use into GMB.
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ITV have posted previews of all the idents, not sure if this was in the previous thread 
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So ITV1, 3 and 4 all used the train station ident, unfortunately ITV2 used a Festival ident.

Like others, the ITV1 version felt quite off, especially for going into GMB.
ITV3's was best.

I thought the logo would interact more with the scene other than the initial movement of the number.
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(15-11-2022, 07:08 AM)tomo359 Wrote:  I thought the logo would interact more with the scene other than the initial movement of the number.
Yes, it's odd that they don't. Sky managed it very well with their Solid/Fluid/Gas versions of the same idents for Skys 1, 2 and 3 back in the day.  The 'real' elements were all the same, but still responded to the different logos.

I loved those Sky idents.

I really thought with the ITV refresh, the logos would all be forefront and the main part of the idents, unfortunately not the case at all sadly, just some scenes which have no meaning at all to any of the channels
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From what little I've seen of it so far, I actually kind of like it! The idents, at least so far, manage to be distinct enough for each of the channels and honestly pretty expressive -- something I was worried about given the description that all of the channels would be sharing the same set of idents.

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I think I was expecting a bit more with the idents. The concept and logo animations are really good but the execution seems a bit off from the preview video above showing the 5 locations.

For example, why are there 'animated' elements in the ITV 1 ident on the dancer at the train station? These are a cool concept but should have stuck to 1 channel (probably ITV 2). They could have kept the animated additions to ITV 2 and then featured the wacky elements like the big animals to ITV Be, for example.

I can't help but feel they could have done a bit more with colour grading the idents to look different between channels. They seem to do this a bit on the ITV 3 train ident, which appears to have a more old-film look, but it seems to be a one off.

They also all seem rather bright - let's hope we get a few idents where it's night time and calmer, for more serious programming like 9pm dramas.

Finally I'm unsure how I feel about the coloured logos on the idents. They're very bold colours to overlay onto live action, especially ITV 1 which is more of a teal-y shade of blue.

This gives me vibes of this set of ITV 1 idents which did grow tired easily, but at least tended to feature yellow elements in the shots, something lacking in this new set.

[Image: ?]

The BBC One lens idents do a good job of using live action but having a unifying theme, and I can't help but feel ITV have slightly missed the mark here and they feel a tad unfinished/unrealised.

It's early days though and I'm still excited to see other presentation elements like the promos, ECPs and - long shot - end credit styles etc.
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