International News Presentation: Past and Present

Welcome back to the thread dedicated to looking at news presentation from around the world.

Let's get started in Estonia with a look at the evolution of Aktuaalne Kaamera:


My first contribution is from France and the evolution of TF1's news titles from 1976 to 2016.


Here's a YouTube channel with a bunch of international news openings - I think you'll get a good fix over there. 

Here's a current news theme used on Top Channel in Albania.
It's a remix of a theme used since 2005 which can be heard here: 

This intro was used until 2015 when the new one was introduced.

And to kick off my presence on this forum, here's an updated compilation of newscast opens of ABC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia, which received new graphics last month.
(If anyone preferred to have U.S. contents posted on a separate thread, feel free to let me know.)

Here's the first intro of Fakty ICTV from 2000, which we've been waiting for 7 years and a year ago is available. As for me, is the best intro, better than the current.

CNN Headline News in its 1980's/1990's glory days.

(671) Stuart Fanning - YouTube

(671) Stuart Fanning - YouTube

ZDF's heute in deutschland on the day England beat Germany and won the Women's Euros in Wembley.

WGCL-TV, a Gray Television station in Atlanta has moved into a temporary studio while their current set which has been in use since 2014 gets a refit.  The new set launches in October.

This is my first post here.

Central Noticias, RTVD 4 (Dominican Republic), 3/8/2022. The state broadcaster rebranded from Canal 4 RD to celebrate its 70th birthday, and along with that came a new newscast open.

Watch this space...
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