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CBC News has launched its long-awaited new streaming network, CBC News Explore. Its content will focus on longer form programming and in-depth reporting, in contrast to the CBC News Network, which is focusing on breaking news going forward. The channel is repackaging CBC News content aired on TV, with original programming leveraging that content, including the new analysis show About That with Andrew Chang. New content will come online every morning and will be repeated up to three times a day. The channel is available in the US and Canada on Roku and Tubi, as well as CBC’s own website and app, including the CBC Gem streamer (Canada only). 
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The Lisa LaFlamme firing scandal didn't end on her temporary hiring by Rogers to cover QEII's death for CityNews. CTV News' President Michael Melling has been demoted by Bell Media. Richard Gray, who formerly oversaw Bell's local content east of Ottawa, has been formally named his successor after months of uncertainty. 

Still, during his tenure as acting President, Gray also interfered on the ongoing coverage caused by LaFlamme's exit. On August 24, a story by Heather Wright on the fallout of her firing was censored by Gray, resulting on the piece being pulled from air at the last minute. It eventually aired in an updated version the following night. 
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Blast from the past.
CBC News: Business (2007) 

CBC News: Around the World (2007) 

CBC News: Today (2008) 

CBC News: The National (2003) 

A short CBC Newsworld bulletin followed by a simulcast of BBC World with Martine Croxall (2005)
(you need to turn up the volume to maximum but remember to turn it down after your done watching Exclamation ) 

The mid-bulletin break on BBC World in this video is a little over 90 seconds compared to today's break which is a little over 60 seconds.

(09-02-2024, 06:01 AM)Independent Wrote:  CBC News: The National (2003) 
The best theme CBC has ever had. Among my favourites. Its memorable. 3 note signature that could have been the "NBC Chimes" of the CBC. They should have kept it and updated it. By it was a really really strong theme.
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