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If Boomerang is being axed worldwide, maybe it should be rebranded as Cartoon Network Too in the UK - it was the name used for what is now Cartoon Network +1 when it wasn't a +1 channel, between 2006 and 2014.

I would think Boomerang, as a long-standing brand here in the UK, would make sense to keep as long as they still have the channel.

Or perhaps From 2025 they might ditch the channel and bring it under the Cartoon Network umbrella on whatever streaming service they have then.

Boomerang made sense when it launched back in 1992(US)/19933(UK), it was showing classic cartoons from the baby boomer era. Then got spun out into its own channel in the early digital TV days. Now, With the decline of linear, does it require its separate branding? If so, perhaps it could be rebranded TNT Cartoons - the 2015 rebrand aimed to position the US Boomerang channel as the "second flagship" brand alongside Cartoon Network, perhaps it might be stronger TNT branded.

I guess there are no signs of a move to go streaming only yet then with their children's content.

The Boomerang to Cartoonito rebrand conversions only happened in countries/regions where Cartoonito wasn't already available a channel. Boomerang UK is here to stay and the brand will continue to exist internationally, in fact Boomerang France was spared, with Boing being replaced instead, Boomerang launched Canada this year, and Boomerang Thailand was literally just saved from closure days ago. In Boomerang's home market, the USA, the channel started airing classics again.

I remember when Disney were converting the Jetix channels over to the Disney brand, in countries where Disney Channel already existed, it became Disney XD, but in countries where there was no Disney Channel, Jetix became Disney Channel.
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In Latin America, Boomerang was already replaced with Cartoonito back in 2021 (the year before WBD became a thing).
WBD has four "Kids & Family" channels in the region: Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, Discovery Kids and Tooncast (a classic animation channel - launched after Boomerang became a mainstream kids' channel, akin to Disney Channel and Nickelodeon; Boomerang later became a teen-focused channel, before rebranding again, once again aligning itself with its US counterpart, and was eventually replaced with Cartoonito).
And, in late October, WBD will replace the LATAM version of truTV with a 24-hour Adult Swim channel (becoming the fifth channel to feature AS content: CN, I-Sat, TBS - now TNT Novelas, Warner Channel and now the dedicated channel), also featuring a Toonami block.
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