OFCOM COSTA: call for evidence, now with responses


Now responses from many commercial broadcasters and beyond have been added to the website, regarding changes to the OFCOM's COSTA advertising laws for public broadcasters.

Unlike some people said, all public broadcasters are OK with some minutage changes and harmonization with "digital" channels, nowadays
Channel 4 states clearly that their plan would be to remove the end break and add 0.30 mins to most internal ad breaks (up to 4 minutes, most of the time), as seen on digital 4 channels nowadays.
Any change would mostly be visible during current programmes.

This didn't used to be the case, before 2008-09 apparently on digital 4 channels and beyond, internal breaks used to be 3'30 long even on E4.
But eventually on 60 mins slots in particular, broadcasters started removing end breaks completely

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