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Just can't see the format returning now in the short term at least, especially if after what happened with Freddie makes insurance prohibitive.

The fact that Paddy has got the Inside The Factory gig (ie giving him something to do) along with Clare Pizey’s departure has made me think this incarnation of Top Gear is all but over.

Whilst I think Paddy/Freddie/Chris has been the best line up since Clarkson/Hammond/May I think it’s may be time to give the show a little rest for a bit.

Oh, and take it off BBC One, I don’t think it’s made any difference, it’s not as if the ratings skyrocketed.
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I would have to agree, whilst this incarnation of Top Gear has been the best since Clarkson, Hammond and May's departure in 2015, I do think giving the format a rest for a while wouldn't hurt

In order to prevent the show having yet another identity crisis when it does eventually return, I do think Paddy will be back as a presenter, with him getting the Inside the Factory gig as something to tide him over in the meanwhile

It's a shame if it's over in its current incarnation as I've really enjoyed it, a lot more than the recent Grand Tour specials.

I disagree that the move to BBC One was unnecessary - it should have moved years ago but apparently only because Clarkson insisted on it staying on BBC Two. The move was a real "vote of confidence" in the show I thought after the rocky few years after the presenter change.

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Some pictures today of Freddie which are quite shocking to see especially when you consider the accident was last December now

Looks like he has perhaps had to go through some reconstructive surgery 
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