NAO "A digital BBC"

With amazing timing  the NAO have just published a report on "A Digital BBC"
It well worth a read 

Overall, the BBC’s key digital products, and most notably iPlayer, have to date performed well.
These levels of performance are impressive given available funding is considerably lower than other media organisations
with which it competes for audiences, many of which are digital-only.
The BBC now aims for its products to be within at least the top three in their fields within the UK
and has signalled its intention to move to an internet future with greater urgency.

To maintain its successes to date, and to achieve its targets for market share,
the BBC will now need to fully develop its digital-first plans and realistically consider
whether it has the resources it needs for this next challenge.

In planning for this next challenge, the BBC already has some solid foundations to build on.
It has set out a clear vision for how it intends to use digital technology to improve the services
it offers to its users. It has also, through its strategic technology review,
established an operating model that includes a product group
that is organised in line with industry best practice.

Nevertheless, there are areas which the BBC must address if it is to keep up
in a dynamic global media market.
In particular, its digital leadership structures need to evolve.
This should in turn help bring greater pace to tackling challenges
such as the development of a personalisation strategy,
including managing potential data risks.
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