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(17-11-2023, 07:08 PM)James Wrote:  My views are the complete opposite of yours. I'm rather keen on what we've seen of the Good Afternoon Britain branding so far.

The whole package has a much more professional feel to it, and is probably the smartest graphics we've seen from GB News to date.

The channel has come a long way from the left-aligned gradient boxes with the programme title in Montserrat that we saw at launch. Some programmes still carry that style of graphics, but it's rather cheap and tacky.

The new graphics and music are far more premium looking, to the point that I think Erron MUST be involved at this point.

I understand how someone could think that
 It's a legitimate viewpoint.

The new branding elements are all very professionally done. But good design achieves a goal - it sets  a tone as well as functional uses. One thing GBN has is its far warmer than BBC & Sky News in style, do they want to bin that to be another clone? 

The current studio set is very limited,  but they've done alot since the poor launch.  Many designs are warm with oranges,  light blues as well as dark, purples as well as reds.

Compare to Talk TV,  Where the colour pallete is limited,  the music annoying, and the master logo is frankly, embarrassingly amateur design for a multi billion dollar media group. Golden rule for excellent design is make it work 2D single colour before motion/3d treatments.

It's certainly interesting to see something new,  and to talk about presentation of the channel rather than * other * things

I just remembered many months ago people saying GB News would be getting a new look in their studio - it was apparently going to be revamped - well it has not happened. Will GB News simply keep this current look, or are there any changes on the way for the new year of 2024? Thanks

Couple of schedule changes this weekend.

There is a new Saturday Night Showdown show at 8pm listed for this Saturday after The Saturday Five.

On Sunday, The Dinosaur Hour is moving to 6pm and Mark Dolan Tonight moves back to 9pm-11pm.
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Watching GB News on the app on my phone, seems they now have adverts rather then GB News promos on repeat, think this is new as didnt notice it much over the weekend, they used to have the odd advert but then crash back into a GB New promo but the adverts seem to go the full length of the break now

(17-11-2023, 07:08 PM)James Wrote:  I think Erron MUST be involved at this point.

He isn't quite yet.

Peter Andre is to join the channel, presenting alongside Ellie Costello.

Andre appeared in a small capacity a few months back, presenting a couple of editions of the breakfast programme during the summer holidays when everyone who's normally on air was away.

(02-10-2023, 09:45 PM)MLehon Wrote:  Thanks for the confirmation re BOXT.  The Times article is behind a paywall to which I do not subscribe hence I was unaware that the sponsorship had been "pulled" by the advertiser.  Not sure why the respondent to my query thought necessary to bold the word "was" in their reply.

Looks like the BOXT sponsorship is back on the weather, although it they no longer say "proud sponsors"!

Looks like the new studio is coming soon! 

(17-11-2023, 03:50 PM)Stockland Hillman Wrote:  Here's the trail. No sign of a studio  but different motion  graphics and GB News theme music 
Reminds me of FOX 5 New York: 

(17-11-2023, 03:50 PM)Stockland Hillman Wrote:  .

All it needs is a studio set with LED walls showing a London skyline panoramic and an ugly perspex desk. Maybe a vertical monitor with the GBN mobile app output,  hey maybe build that titles out of the app to show a unified media business or whatever buzzword is in play today.

Clinical, Cold, Cliche.
 Swap ugly perspex desk for ugly vape shop counter and it looks like I guess correctly
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