Absolute Radio to switch off all AM transmitters across the UK

Interesting they say they were the first legal independent radio station in the UK

(26-06-2023, 08:16 AM)Stooky Bill Wrote:  Interesting they say they were the first legal independent radio station in the UK

I think they mean 'licensed'.

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Just an update to say that Bauer Media, owner of Absolute Radio, intends to switch-off all of its medium-wave frequencies carrying sister brand Greatest Hits Radio in Scotland, Ireland, and across northern England. This will happen imminently (i.e. within the next few weeks). Frequencies affected include:

Quote:990 Doncaster, South Yorkshire (was Hallam)
1035 Ayr, Prestwick, Irvine & Kilmarnock, Ayrshire (was West Sound AM)
1107 Inverness, Highland (was MFR)
1152 Newcastle, Sunderland & County Durham (was Metro / GNR)
1152 Glasgow (was Raio Clyde)
1161 Dundee & North Fife (was Tay)
1305 Barnsley, South Yorkshire (was Hallam)
1548 Edinburgh, Lothians & South Fife (was Forth)
1548 Sheffield, South Yorkshire (was Hallam)
1584 Perth, Perth & Kinross (was Tay)
Radio Today reports:
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From what I can tell, Greatest Hits Radio (Glasgow and the West) is the UK's longest-serving AM station on the same frequency*, LBC and Capital having moved from where they started. 

Their licence runs out on the 30th of December - one day short of 50 years since the good ship Radio Clyde was launched. I hope, like Absolute, they let the anoraks give her a proper send-off.

* If you accept the move from 261m to 260m as a rounding error
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It is really a busy week for Bauer: first the announcement of the AM switch off, then their plans to pull out of satellite and cable, and now... they have introduced a new corporate brand (dropping the blue for purple and turquoise) and custom font (Bauer Sans), reflecting its evolution "from a German publishing house into an international media company". The new brand was designed by German agency Mutabor, based out of Hamburg.


Bauer UK's website has been even updated:


Hmm. That logo looks a bit over-thought to me - the kind of thing that you get when too many people have an input into something. And using a ‘play icon’ has become a bit of a cliché too. They could do with something simpler.

Global have had the same logo now, more or less, for the past 16 years. I think it’s time they up their game before Bauer takes over.

At least it isn't as dreadful as the UKTV rebrand.

(30-11-2023, 11:02 PM)London Lite Wrote:  At least it isn't as dreadful as the UKTV rebrand.
Is ‘better than the UKTV rebrand’ the new ‘better than Oneness’?
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I recently got a new (second hand) car that is my first to have a touchscreen, CarPlay etc. and listening to Absolute Radio through the CarPlay app, I didn't realise just how poor in comparison the DAB feed is - yes the DAB feed is mono but I always thought mono 80kbps sounds okay... but goodness it really is low quality in comparison.

Then again, my previous car only had AM/FM so I guess I should be thankful I can get it on DAB if there's no mobile signal!

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