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The BBC is massive. Nothing is ever consistent in a large company. It's not a single click, i'd image there are multiple teams invovled, and in addition there are priority issues etc that might overtake such a change.
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(06-08-2022, 07:30 PM)Lyric Wrote:  Following up on this, SPORT and WEATHER both have their icons on the home page, but not on articles!

Funny how that works.

Nothing on BITESIZE yet though, I checked.

I've discovered that a Gaelic version of Bitesize is using the identifier.    

Am I missing something? Only place I see the symbol there is as the Favicon.

(02-05-2023, 09:38 PM)JAS84 Wrote:  Am I missing something? Only place I see the symbol there is as the Favicon.

I think it's a test at the moment as this one doesn't have the wide spacing of the BBC Online menu to the BITESIZE text.

But on the bottom it does show the identifiers except for the Bitesize one for some reason.

Here is the webpage.
Facail a' Fleòdradh - An Tràth Ìre Litearrachd agus Gàidhlig - BBC Bitesize

I just stumbled across the BBC News 404 page-not-found error page, and it's something of a museum piece...!

[Image: bbc-online-news-404.png]

✅ Old BBC logo
✅ Gill Sans 'NEWS' logo 
✅ Old top-level header 
✅ Priority 'Coronavirus' and 'US Election' links on menu 

Evidently, this version of the 404 page was created sometime in 2020 -- but it's odd that it was created with a fixed design, preventing it from being updated with newer versions of the site's design as it changes over time.
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Might be worth mentioning that the 404 page under ideal conditions should never be seen.

Of course at least that looks relatively consistent - a lot of websites just show you a white screen in default browser Times New Roman with no formatting or wrapping whatsoever. These usually show a message about the error handler, which is server code for "this is a 404 error but the error handler code also shows me a 404 as well so... oh well."
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You think that's old? 

BONUS 404: the link to the A-Z takes you to yet another 404 page.

[Image: 1592580878_1869298444.svg]
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You think that's old... 
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Well if we're going down that route...

A while ago I found this 60 Seconds site that was last updated a week after September 11. It's still online: 

Annoyingly, there used to be an even earlier site than the Politics '97 one still online, I believe it was from the Budget from 1995? But for some reason they took that one offline.

[Image: 1592580878_1869298444.svg]
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(15-06-2023, 11:47 AM)thegeek Wrote:  You think that's old... 

And this... 
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