The Teletext Appreciation Thread

The Aertel service is still working on Sky RTE channels with SCART connection, I've just checked.

I love the Fire TV Ceefax app written by a Teletext expert that pulls pages from the BBC website but is fairly detailed & comprehensive. It is available at
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The WST Aertel may not be long for this world, the provision of the Broadcasting Act 2009 requiring RTE to maintain it was repealed on 15th March.

I'm sure most people reading this thread is already aware of Teletext People by Byte High, No Limit, but I'd like to post it here just in case. 

Especially this episode ( ) about ARD-Text in Germany

This will make people here happy - a 24/7 livestream with Ceefax! 

More impressively done without simulation, but with actual equipment: 

Watch this space...
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