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Has anyone had any problems this week with the minor minor retuned taking place again? My box is not liking this retune.

All OK, though frustrating when you tell the box which region you want and it chooses another anyway.

The POP Player on 212 seems to vary depending on device - I've one that just shows FAST chanbel Pop Kids and another that goes to Pop Player where supposedly the three main channels are streamed but once I streamed Pop Max (the default) the option to switch to another live stream disappeared.

Is there an issue with the Belmont transmitter? Freeview's been down for me since last night, and Googling it shows a lot of reports of the same problem throughout the HU postcode, as well as DN and YO.

There is a lift on 

So do not retune !
BBC site also says there are no problems with Belmont
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