BBC News Pres: Apr 2023 - Present (News Channel/BBC One)

This thread will launch at 8.55am on 3rd April 2023 and will cover the new BBC News TV channel, as well as BBC One news programmes.
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Who's excited then?! I know I am.  Big Grin
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(03-04-2023, 08:56 AM)Worzel Wrote:  Who's excited then?! I know I am.  Big Grin

Lowkey excited, but I'm just curious how will the new "merged" service will work.

Shame that don’t have an access to World…
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Wow, that countdown is extremely poor.
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(03-04-2023, 08:56 AM)Worzel Wrote:  Who's excited then?! I know I am.  Big Grin

I’m more interested in what its going to look like but i’m slightly excited
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Here we go, a new dawn is upon us

And we start with Ben Thompson in Studio E
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Welcome to the new era!
[Image: 4695f1e6aef6a191f4870800b08ce8c8.png]
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No clocks in the coundown.

Studio E is still there, headlines still there.

No new headlines.

But there is a glimpse of a new BBC News on the monitors.
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Old titles oh no surely not please…
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