WWE-UFC Merger

(03-04-2023, 06:40 PM)JAS84 Wrote:  One of the brand names is now on borrowed time. WCW didn't last too long after WWF (as WWE was at the time) bought them out. They had a faction storyline going on for a while then were completely absorbed into the rebranded WWE.

I don't agree. UFC and WWE are ubiquitous to their own fields. Professional Wrestling is synonymous with WWE, MMA is synomynous with UFC. Dropping one name or another just doesn't make sense at all. And you're really comparing apples to oranges here. WCW was a wrestling promotion, you couldn't have two wrestling shows with two unique identities do an ersatz Monday Night Wars, where the only real victor is the parent company. UFC is a different company and a different thing entirely. 

As I have speculated on another forum, it seems to me that the business side of the merged company will be consolidated, and the companies will be operated separately. Personally, I see why they have merged. I feel that there's a lot of stuff WWE has done that will benefit UFC: WWE's attempt at a streaming service is operated by Endeavour. WWE's brand image as a 'family entertainment' brand, and UFC's 18-34 male demographic means that the merged company will cover a lot of bases.

As an aside, had Warner Bros Discovery bought WWE, that would have potentially been problematic for AEW, who air on TNT and TBS in the US.

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