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(18-08-2022, 07:37 PM)Juicy Joe Wrote:  How many viewers does The James Whale Show get Thurs-Sat? It certainly seems more entertaining & controversial than the made for TV shows earlier in the evening. He often says his Saturday show is smashing the ratings. It deserves to do well.

With James previously presenting radio on tv shows when he was at Radio Aire, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

The Saturday show seems to be more in the spirit of his old Yorkshire TV show and works well on both platforms.
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One thing I have noticed with Talk TV, is that the programme intro graphics don't always match the strap at the bottom, nor how the presenter refers to the programme. For example, Richard Tice refers to his show as Tice Talk, but the graphics refer to it as Richard Tice. James Whale Unleashed on Saturday is often referred to as The James Whale Show on the straps & intro. Also, no mention of "Feat. Ash" on the intros, yet it is shown on the strap. James refers to Night Owls after midnight which harks back to his days on Metro Radio, but I don't think the graphics reflect this name. How come some programmes are referred to as "shows" but others just state the presenter's name? What does it take for it to be classed as a "show"?

There may be further examples where the graphics don't match the title referenced by the presenter?

Confirmation that Vanessa Feltz will host the drivetime show on TalkTV from Monday 5th September: 

(22-08-2022, 02:14 PM)Omnipresent Wrote:  Confirmation that Vanessa Feltz will host the drivetime show on TalkTV from Monday 5th September: 
Confirmation that The Talk is staying too (not that there were any rumours of it being cancelled anyway), so I wonder where Kyle's show is going to fit in. They could do worse than extending the 'made for TV' part of the schedule (currently 7-10pm).

It's confirmed now that Vanessa Feltz is taking over the Drivetime show Monday to Friday and appear 2 to 3 times a week on The Talk.

If they’re being clever they’d get her to voice track early breakfast on Virgin too, although knowing Feltz she’d probably be happy to do it live.
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I think it was mentioned in the old place, but it is a shame TalkTV can't be a bit more of a mashup of shows from the different radio stations.

The new Sunday morning show on Times Radio surely makes for a better watch than the current offering on TalkTV at the time... 
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Yes it is unfortunate that the TV station has had to be so integrated with the former Talk Radio, which is at the low end tier of output for TV and that they can't/won't bring in formats from the wider group.

Times TV would be a better channel and brand, but I don't suppose Piers Morgan would fit there. And let's face it this whole channel is an attempt to build a channel just around Piers show.

Piers Morgan Uncensored now has new L3s for the ‘coming up’ sequence and shortened titles, complete with a Dominic Green voiceover at the end.

Also not sure what the deal is with the US/Australian broadcasts but the ‘cityscape’ images on the big screens are now exclusively of London, as opposed to a mix of London/New York/Sydney as it was before.

Interestingly the years-old footage of Boris making up that he makes model buses in his spare time was shown on Have I Got News For Boris with a massive Talk TV logo in the corner. You can see the original had a large Talkradio logo in the corner, presumably they took the opportunity when licensing the footage to get an updated ad on BBC1. 

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