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I’m going way back to the days when programmes were played out on VT, but I’ve seen a copy of Central paperwork that lists a number of programmes due for TX that require “spin timings”. Many but not all were imports and some appeared to be TKs as well as VTs.

I assume this isn’t as simple as how long the programme runs, as this would already be available at this stage -  didn’t the ITFC or similar edit imports and purchased programmes for UK TX, and note the run-times then (on the countdown clocks in the case of VTs). So were Central carrying out a further check for their own benefit, and maybe for other regions who went on to show these programmes?


Sounds like they were just double checking how long the actual programme material is against the paperwork. A very important check especially when a tape had come in from outside.

It's a pretty standard thing, when I worked in playout we did several checks on every single programme when it was loaded into the VT machine and one of them was checking the duration/end timecode*. That way there was no chance of an overrun or cutting the end off.

At the BBC it would just be the beginning and end, elsewhere the duration/timecode of each part would need checking

*as well as duration, video and sound were checked as well as subtitles, one issue was if the programme was one edit and the subtitles from another version then they wouldn't be in sync at the end
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