Channel 4 Pres: 2023 - Present

I think I preferred the white logo to be honest
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Listening to the new mnemonic, it does sound like a reworked version of Fourscore (in the same vein as the reworked mnemonic for ABC in the US).
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It's a very pastel colour palette, and about the furthest thing from creative and edgy. Very safe and not very Channel 4 I would suggest.
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(03-05-2023, 07:30 PM)GeeTeeKay474 Wrote:  
(03-05-2023, 03:59 PM)Edogawa Ranpo Wrote:  I think it's their current font still being used actually. 4 Text and 4 Headline are still their main fonts.
It's the custom made Chadwick font which was first used in 2015.

Yes, but when DixonBaxi rebranded All 4, they updated the fonts and renamed them as 4 Text and 4 Headline.

And the Giant isn't dead yet...
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Giant ident introducing Location x3 so most likely no more new presentation tonight.

What does that say about a channel if it scares fish? Just talk me through that.
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Block man still hill climbing at 8pm!!  Smile

Sky's Catch-up service have finally caught up, and rebranded All4 to Channel 4.

(03-05-2023, 08:01 PM)Juicy Joe Wrote:  Block man still hill climbing at 8pm!!  Smile

Although last time it was 9pm.   Just a repeat tonight though and really think if there was anything more than the green logo it would have launched earlier.

Overall like the trailer end boards other than the positioning of the info text being right at the top. Don't get why they've kept the menu too with update logo when surely the new end board design could make a nice menu design itself.

The info text in the new promos look very cluttered and messy with all text being the same size. 

The "stream free, watch live" or time info text needs to be minimised.
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