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(26-11-2023, 02:40 PM)Andrew Wood Wrote:  I've often wondered about that ident. I'm sure it's most likely computer generated. But the way they have gone to the trouble of having the unlit lights visible as well has always hinted that it might have been a real set up.
Captain Disillusion made a video detailing a similar technique to this Christmas ident: 

From this video alone, I presume they created and rendered a base "blocks" layer, rendered an animation of the base lights below it using the 3D software, and basically allowed the computer to do the rest. I don't think they took weeks, maybe even months to do this.
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Seems a bit early but there’s a nice advert running for new year programmes for More4.

[Image: 1592580878_1869298444.svg]
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Channel 4, unlike BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1 and even Channel 5, are always much slower in launching their Christmas presentation - so don't expect anything until mid December. Unless with the relaunch, they have had a change of heart

Not sure of this is the most appropriate thread, but it is C4 related. I've noticed that the EPG listings for E4 Extra on Sky are wrong, and have been for the last few days, they're an hour ahead, so currently you have what should be on at 10pm advertised as starting at 9pm. It does seem to be a Sky exclusive issue, the Channel 4 website shows the correct EPG data, as does the Virgin TV Go site.
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Channel 4 celebrating LGBTQ+ History month with this ident , however the announcer got their letters in a muddle, and repeated the same in a later ident in the evening.

[Image: tig96x96.png]
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And a Lunar New Year one. Does feel some of these are getting a bit lazy now - just text over a fairly standard ident.

Whilst I think there is much potential in these alternative style box idents it would be better if for these special events if they could insert something into the sequence of the main idents within the cube. 
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