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(10-07-2023, 05:02 PM)faizkizlan Wrote:  As an Indonesian, I reckon that some of their on-air personalities which currently on SindonewsTV* are formerly from CNN Indonesia.

*Speaking about SindonewsTV, it was formerly known as MNC News which was an in-house channel of MNC's pay-tv platform Indovision (now MNC Vision) back in 2006. MNC later created a semi-national TV network called Sun TV in 2008 which become SindoTV in 2011 (not the same current SindonewsTV, I remember they used to air some Nickelodeon cartoons and some entertainment shows there until 2013) before becoming InewsTV in 2015 and then Inews in 2017. Too much rebrand and so much waste when it had two news networks, right?

Wow thats interesting. Dont know much about Indonesian news, but would this be a step down move from those people that left CNN Indonesia?

Cubavisión Internacional's Cubanoticias - not the graphics, but the music. Not sure if it's licensed or not: 

A side note here: The graphics is reheated after a brief refresh.

9/7: Old package and original (?) music. 

From 11/7: Refreshed. Used interchangeably with the old titles until 22/7, when the latter returned with the Lowe pips: 

Watch this space...
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Russia's now defunct Life News looked rather familiar...

[Image: 5252ce346bb3f72b4bfdcbb6?width=700]
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Staying in russia. I'm, a Ukrainian, titling this "0 days, without stealing by russians". This is a plagiarism of Ukrainian Fakty ICTV newscast intro from 2011 by Channel 2 from Raduzhniy (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug)
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This is how the intros of NOS Journaal from the Netherlands used to look from 1988 to 1995:

Now, look at the old intro of Xinwen Lianbo from CCTV in China from 1991:

Fast forward to today, this how the Xinwen Lianbo intro currently looks like (the lower thirds are coloured red for the New Year's Day):
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#36  Sri Lankas Rupavahini In 2011-2022 When the presenters saying Good Evenning the music in the background  Was actually from Russia Todays 2005 News intro package

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