Disney+ and Hulu looking to 'combine content'

As reported by the BBC, the inevitable is finally happening. Disney+ and Hulu are looking to share content, as Disney+ loses 3 million subscribers in 3 months, and the current joint ownership of Hulu with Comcast is being looked at, ahead of the expiry of the current arrangement. 

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In Latin America, some content is shared between Disney+ and Star+ (its Hulu/ESPN+ equivalent for the region):
- The Simpsons S29-30 (Star+ has all seasons), The Simpsons Movie, Simpsons shorts
- Deadpool / Deadpool 2
- Logan
- Flamin' Hot (Hulu/Star Original)
- Save our Squad with David Beckham (Disney+ Original)
- Protectors (Star Original from Argentina)
- The King of TV (Star Original from Brazil)
- Releyendo Mafalda (upcoming original series from Argentina, with neither the "Disney+ Original" nor the "Star Original" labels)
- Perdida (Brazilian theatrical film, distributed by Disney-owned Star Distribution)

Some live events (such as the livestream of Tini's last concert of her 2022 tour) were also available on both services in the region.
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As expected, Disney is buying out Hulu.

Watch this space...
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Hulu has finally launched on Disney+, although you'll need to buy the "Disney Bundle" in order to use it on Disney+ in the United States. It functions much in the same way as Star internationally, although with Disney Star merging with Paramount's Viacom18, I presume that Hulu will be introduced as a replacement to Star in the near future.

Course, Disney have made viewers aware with a widespread marketing campaign, including this rather clever crossover billboard with Peter Griffin taking the place of the word "family".

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