"Local TV" licences to be renewed through to 2034

That's TV has become a very good classic programming channel now - I don't really get why they'd even want to renew their local TV licences. Obviously the 7/8 EPG slot is appealing in theory but I don't think ratings suggest they actually bring in much of an audience via them anyway.
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One thing's for sure. If the local licences were scrapped tomorrow, That's TV would survive. I don't think the same could be said for the others.
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What would be interesting is, if That’s TV handed back the licences for their local channels to focus on their other ones, whether Ofcom would bother to readvertise them.
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(02-01-2024, 08:41 PM)JAS84 Wrote:  That's TV 2 launches tomorrow. And it's airing Home and Away from the start.

Well that lasted long - they've pulled Home and Away as of last night.
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With people elsewhere speculating "they didn't have the rights and Amazon made them pull it"- which shows how little understanding some people have of have TV and rights work (and how That's TV would have got broadcast quality copies of the show if they didn't legitimately have rights).
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Exactly - I can't see that being the case. If there is a rights issue it's more likely to be on the fault of the distrubutor. TBH I'm quite surprised they're still up on Amazon - they've had the first two series for a number of years now so you'd think by now either the rights would have expired and they'd have been removed or that they might have added to them with further seasons.

Looks like Prisoner Cell Block H is going walkies next week too. Not a channel to rely on if you want to get invested in a show.
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Seems this has been "confirmed" again today.


(02-02-2024, 09:51 PM)Brekkie Wrote:  Seems this has been "confirmed" again today.


God save us.

The spin on Gov.uk for this is so wild its practically out of control!

www.gov.uk  Wrote:The consultation found that industry participants and members of the public support the government’s plan to renew the individual local TV licences until 2034

Um... who are these members of the public exactly who "want" this?
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(02-02-2024, 10:35 PM)Neil Jones Wrote:  Um... who are these members of the public exactly who "want" this?

People who want to watch old sitcoms with the lowest picture quality possible without having to change their TV channel higher than channel 7 or 8.

So, yeah…

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