What sort of kit is rolled out in BBC HD Regions?

I’m curious whats being used for the new HD region upgrades, from the cameras, the LED towers and the production.

I recall they wanted to try a ViLOR system but that seemed difficult. Then I heard some sort of Ross all in one cloud system with OverDrive, graphics, switcher and audio built in was going to be used within BBC servers - but that was discontinued.

Now Ross Graphite CPChas a cloud system which ranges from 3 ME 6DVE 8 input to one with 18 inputs. In addition it provides graphics and six channel audio mixing. The cloud solution starts at $995/month uses the Amazon cloud. They offer a similar one that isn’t cloud used.

Uhh, I assume “the towers” are just 1080i and maybe 480 pixels wide? Additionally I assume midrange cameras.

With the BBC News channel operating their own AutoScript (since that’s the brand - of the clicker) I assume that’s what’s used for control in the regions. On a semi related note do the national BBC One and Breakfast Bulletin anchors control their prompter?


I've certainly heard that the playout system in Southampton is Ross (OverDrive I think). I'd be interested to know more details too.

It feels like the rollout of HD has been relatively slow, with only a couple of regions completed so far (Southampton and Newcastle, I think?) - plus I suspect work in Norwich may have started. Obviously excluding London, Plymouth and Salford, which were already HD capable before the current scheme began.

This is in contrast to the new set rollout, which, whilst still time-consuming, is happening relatively quickly.

Yeah if only Leeds could find that HD button, it looks worser then Hull which to me looks sharper.
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