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(10-09-2022, 10:44 AM)Steve in Pudsey Wrote:  Can somebody explain to me the technical reasons why the Tivo EPG can't dynamically be updated for schedule changes, as we are seeing at the moment?
In most markets there are few if any reactive channels and thus a newspaper like overnight 
download of EPG info is all that you need
So TiVo is designed like that …  It just runs by clockwork.

In Europe we have had Teletext fir programmes listings (and PDC (or VPS))
in analogue television so most broadcasters were made aware of the things
that needed to be done to keep the listings current  … And to trigger recorders
But unlike the USA they had no electronic listings  and the high penetration
of VHS / home recorder that we had…
Sadly many useful features of PDC were not  moved into the digital age.

But there was a very large audience who used electronic listing and thus expected
And got listings updated dynamically ..

This might be slightly stretching the scope of this forum, but I've been offered the TV360 upgrade now. Other than losing all of my recordings on the box, are there any gotchas?

Not related to Virgin Media per-se, but with parent Liberty Global: the Chilean regulator has approved a joint-venture between Liberty's local company VTR and the Chilean subsidiary of Claro, the Brazilian mobile operator owned by Mexican telco América Móvil, which echoes the Virgin Media O2 and VodafoneZiggo JVs; the merger comes with some antitrust measures, including VTR bowing out of the mobile market, both companies taking back a portion of its 3.5G and AWS spectrum and Claro selling its satellite TV operation to a third party. 

Looks like Virgin Media have been catching up with adding more HD versions of channels on Stream: Yesterday and Drama now air in HD
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(10-09-2022, 08:56 PM)Medianext.MX Wrote:  
(10-09-2022, 08:52 PM)Asa Wrote:  Does that also apply to the 360 which I understand isn't TiVo but runs on the same hardware? 

Nope. Not the same hardware. Virgin TV 360 is based in the Horizon 4 hardware, which is an internal Liberty Global product used by its other companies in Europe (Ziggo, Telenet, Sunrise, UPC Slovakia and Virgin) and Chile (VTR); the product was initially developed for UPC Netherlands, which was absorbed by Ziggo after being acquired by Liberty, and later was rolled out to Belgium's Telenet and its German subsidiary Unitymedia (which has since been acquired by Vodafone and now conform to its cable hardware). The STBs used by the operators of the service are enabled for the Horizon hardware, hence their internal name, Horizon Eos. 
I know this discussion is a while back but my understanding is that it’s basically the same hardware, but totally different software. At any rate the V6 and TV360 boxes are, if not in totally identical casing, very similar casing. That’s not to say that there are differences on the inside, of course.

In Ireland we never got the V6 or TiVo,  but had instead the original Horizon box. This in theory could do stuff Sky would only introduce years later with Sky Q, like apps and recording multiple channels . It was even supposed to have a multiroom slave box like Sky Q but that never arrived and so multiroom boxes remained (and do so to this day for those who still have Horizon) on the mid-2000s vintage UPC Mediabox platform. One trick it had was a built in broadband router, but broadband tech aged much faster than TV, so VM ended up issuing separate modems to those using the inbuilt router eventually. Regardless of all this, Horizon gained a rep for being very, very slow, in terms of scrolling around the EPG and menu options. I can only guess that this was because the tech was not powerful enough for all the features UPC/VM were trying to get it to do. The older UPC Mediaboxes, for all their faults, run at the speed of light compared to the original Horizon. For that reason VM Ireland never refer to the newer platform as “Horizon 4” but always “TV360”.
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Very much the same hardware, if you want to switch they just ping the box and send you a new remote.
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indeed, Was based on the EOS Platform ( ), the reason the V6/360 looks different to other liberty operations is that its bottom half is an expansion kit that contains the Hard drive. the other operators made use of the cloud recording features, as seen here 

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Once the box has been updated to 360 does it make use of the hard drive still or has it moved to cloud recording?

I'd be interested in a definitive on that as my box has developed a fault playing back recordings after it makes a physical clicking sound. I'm convinced that it's the hard drive on it's way out but their first line tech support are sticking to the script and chasing a (demonstrably non-existent) network issue based on the error code presented.

Fault clears on restarting the box so that's as far as things get.

(30-12-2022, 07:18 PM)Daveuk Wrote:  Once the box has been updated to 360 does it make use of the hard drive still or has it moved to cloud recording?

Although cloud recording is used in other countries, in the UK the recordings are still stored locally on the hard drive.  I've seen some comments suggesting that there are licencing issues with cloud recording in the UK, but I'm not sure how accurate that is.
If you have multiple V6 boxes that you "upgrade" to TV360 then each box will save recordings to its local hard drive.  If you have a new TV360 installation with multiple boxes then only the main box will have a hard drive, any others wont and instead will save recordings to the drive on the main box.
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