BBC HD channels coming to Freeview via IP

Yes, it pops up with the login page otherwise.

What does that say about a channel if it scares fish? Just talk me through that.
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This could open up opportunities for other channels to be delivered this way. ITV2/3/4/Be (excluding CITV as that's closing shortly) could very easily be delivered in HD like this, and C4 & C5 could deliver HD channels like this aswell (depending on if the Channel 4 service or My5 are HD for linear streams).
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Although other channels are already delivered via IP on many more devices than this system reaches.

Does anyone know what the technical advantage is to doing DVB-I instead of the way the pre-existing streaming channels in the Freeview EPG work given how only the newest Freeview receivers can access these ones.

It’s a shame they can’t just do a press red type prompt to access channels in HD, much like how the BBC already does with events in UHD.

DVB I is at is simplest the means of discovering a Service
"A DVB-I service is one which is discovered using the present document and which is available via one or more delivery mechanisms, called service instances, including DVB-DASH and traditional DVB broadcast."
section 5.1.1 of TS103 770 

so it is not about delivery (codecs wrapping etc) - but discovery ( an EPG like function).
look at the rest of section 5!

Look at the DVB Website 

Thus is it is a a lower level in the Stack than the EveryoneTv EPG consulation.

As far as I'm aware no one is trialling it - but I expect an Update at IBC 23 in 6 weeks time
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(31-07-2023, 10:24 AM)Technologist Wrote:  As far as I'm aware no one is trialling  it - but I expect an Update at IBC 23 in 6 weeks time

There was a Pilot Trial at IBC 22 last year by the EBU and German broadcasters:

EDIT: There also seem to be some PoCs running in Italy and Ireland 

I'm getting the impression that there's some confusion in this thread, in that some people are talking about the new HD services as if they're delivered by DVB-I. They're not. The Freeview Play specs pre-date the development of DVB-I.

The new services are instead using Freeview Play's Channel List Management (CLM) mechanism to replace the service information delivered over the air with SI information delivered over the internet. This allows Everyone TV to swap around LCN's (e.g. BBC One HD on channel 1) and insert new LCN's with different stream associations. In the case of the new HD channels they're LCN's associated with an AIT pointing to the BBC's HbbTV app. Which is the same as how all the other "internet" channels work. It doesn't have the capability to point an LCN straight to an online stream like DVB-I has.

On the DVB-I front, as mentioned above there are active trials in Germany, Italy and now Ireland. The DTG also had a demo setup in the DVB booth at IBC last year, although when I looked it at they were showing online delivered test channels showing a DTG branded test card.

However I don't believe any of the trials are yet publically accessible. In fact I don't believe there are any TV's on sale to the general public with DVB-I support yet. The trials seem to be using TV's from TP Vision (i.e. Phillips) using private beta firmware with DVB-I support.
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I just wish more channels would make use if Samsungs TV Plus to deliver the channels in HD. If we can have 5 Cops why can’t we have 5 Select?!

The only Freeview channels streaming in HD is GB News and Talk TV.

(12-08-2023, 07:52 AM)Daveuk Wrote:  I just wish more channels would make use if Samsungs TV Plus to deliver the channels in HD. If we can have 5 Cops why can’t we have 5 Select?!

Samsung charge to be on TV Plus. So it's not worthwhile being on TV Plus when your channel is already widely available to those TV's on Freeview/Freesat. You also can't link from a Freeview service to a TV Plus service, so the vast majority of viewers would probably continue to watch the SD Freeview services on the channel numbers they know, not realising it's in HD down the bottom of the EPG.

That's why TV Plus is mainly FAST channels that aren't on the traditional platforms, or channels that aren't on Freeview (e.g. CNN).

Making HD available via a HbbTV "red button" application is a much better option in this case as it appears on the existing Freeview channel numbers and it works on all brands of TV (not limited to Samsung TV's). Which some broadcasters are now doing.

(12-08-2023, 07:52 AM)Daveuk Wrote:  The only Freeview channels streaming in HD is GB News and Talk TV.

I would speculate the GB News launched on TV Plus as part of a strategy of getting themselves on to every possible platform as a way of getting as many viewers as possible on the then new channel. I would also speculate that TalkTV is on there because their direct competition (GB News) is on there. So I would take them as being very much the exceptions here.

In addition those streams run at 25 fps, so while they're a higher resolution than the Freeview channels they have half the motion (after 50i is deinterlaced). Can't speak for everyone but I personally find that more irritating than the channel being in SD, so I'll take the Freeview channel over the TV Plus stream any day.
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