BBC, ITV, C4 and C5 to launch joint streaming service

I suspect the Freeview Lite muxes may take slightly longer to switch off - or at least one PSB mux might be around for longer.

Otherwise though, I imagine the government will consider the broadband USO (Universal Service Obligation) as perfectly adequate to enable (at least in theory) every household to receive IPTV. The number of households which can receive at least one of FTTP, FTTC and/or VM HFC cable is already very high. 4G or 5G coverage may also help, and there is a further push to roll that out to rural areas too (mainly for emergency use, but it would allow TV too).

As I said in #21
There are about as many homes now which cannot get a 10 Mbit/s USO
As cannot get PSB DTT…… and that the isp/telco talk of them providing 30Mbit/s
as their USO offering.

As the current DTT transmission contracts run out in 2035 or thereabouts /later
There are a few years before the requirements and regulation/direction of a IP based telco modulation scheme
for some broadcast media need to be defined.

Keeping one DVB Mux running would more or less make the band unusable for anyone else
Unless a total frequency replan and retune is done…
(On the other hand we have seen government money spent in moving tv into the mobile bands
for a short period …So thus it may be funded !)

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