ITV Christmas 2023

No surprise to see last year's trailer graphics return for this year. 
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Santa in a field is back. No surprise there either.

[Image: tig96x96.png]

The Christmas version of the 'Beach' ident aired late last night 

[Image: tig96x96.png]

Just add a Santa to your year-long idents. Instant Christmas ident set!

Seriously, Santa at the beach buying an ice-cream? Where are we, Australia?

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The last set of really good Christmas idents we had from ITV1 were the 2012 ones- the mechanical carousel Christmas tree. They really were superb. Only used that year.

Nothing they've made since has come even slightly close to being as good as they were.
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I do like the idea of Christmas variations of the main idents but these are just not quite strong enough - OK for a year, but don't feel as reusable as the 2013-2018 set for example or the BBC2 idents.
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Dear god, not Santa in a field again. All the leaves on the trees of course.
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No surprise here - ITV have done this for years. They recycled the 2013 Christmas idents for a further five years right, with just the odd extra one added now and again.

BBC 2 recycle theirs too - only BBC One gives us a new Christmas ident selection each year.
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What about Channel 4? Smile

That 2012 set was good, but badly timed - didn't they change the corporate logo only a month later? They probably could've just replaced the old ITV1 logo with the new ITV logo on those.
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It’s quite bleak, isn’t it? The Christmas jumper graphics slapped on the endboards are ridiculously dull and half-hearted. I’ve seen more festive funerals.
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