The BBC - what's left to cut?

This is probably what more teenagers use from the BBC 

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(05-12-2023, 09:14 PM)cable Wrote:  in the last 30 years there has been an explosion in multichannel, the BBC needs to play to its strengths on things that the commercial sector does not touch.

Now is the beginning of the end for traditional linear, the days of being all things to all people are over. personalisation has been a key of many streaming services.

Do what the commercial sector doesn't but also do what works for the commercial sector and narrowcast? If "peronsalisation" is the key how is adapting that model going to make the BBC in anyway distinct? iplayer stripped of all the populist stuff isn't going to hold up any better against Netflix and Disney.
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On a related note it was announced today that Samir Shah is government's choice for new BBC chairman. It's noted on  that it's the first time a journalist will be at the top of the BBC.

Hopefully this appointment will benefit the BBC when negotiations begin over the future of the licence fee (and whatever replaces it if that happens).

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Apparently next year's licence fee settlement will be announced tomorrow.
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(06-12-2023, 07:11 PM)Kim Wexler’s Ponytail Wrote:  Apparently next year's licence fee settlement will be announced tomorrow.
The increase is £10 per year to £169, which is a 6.7% increase.

As they had it frozen during a period of higher inflation, it's still a reduction in real terms.
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Disgraceful but not unexpected.
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If the rise in inflation was linked with the increase, it would of meant the licence fee would have increased from £159 to £172.

With the rise being below inflation, it means there is a funding gap of £90m, so therefore the BBC will have to make even more cuts to programmes.

The BBC are saying we will see another £90 million of cuts, all for the sake of 'saving' people from paying an extra £4.50 compared to the £15 rise that was expected.

BBC News - TV licence fee to rise by £10.50, government announces 
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Trouble is some people just don't have £4.50 spare, let alone the other £10.50.

If labour comes in during 2024 and cover that, it would save the problem of finding the cuts. 
Quote:Elderly people are now required to pay the licence fee unless they are on pension credit. As nearly 950,000 pensioners receive credit, covering their licences costs the BBC around £150m annually.

I do believe they are further cuts that could be made but they wont touch those and end up going for silly cuts instead.
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(07-12-2023, 07:42 PM)Milkshake Wrote:  Trouble is some people just don't have £4.50 spare, let alone the other £10.50.

Those who pay using monthly direct debit or the cash plan via Paypoint will see an increase of 87p per month.
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