Hits Radio Rebrand Rollout

I hazard a guess it's been making even less financial sense for Bauer to stay put in St John's Beacon when all that's left is two breakfast shows, a newsroom and some sales staff (although I understand the odd bit of network production comes from there, too)

Incidentally, on the future of the tower's branding*, the Echo did quote Bauer saying: "An iconic landmark of the city, we’re sensitive to the history its branding holds while also being open to options that better reflect its new era as home to Hits Radio and Greatest Hits Radio. We’re reviewing all options and will share updates in due course."

The Leanne and Joel breakfast show on City and Rock sounds like more of a stop-gap thing until the Media Bill passes through to allow further deregulation.

It all had to come at some point, of course - and arguably, Bauer have been doing it too late, especially when compared to Global (and even they've been careful to retain an element of heritage, if you look hard enough)

In hindsight, launching the Hits brand in Manchester will probably have been seen as a test bed for a brand and format that still doesn't quite feel ready to rollout nearly six years later (handicapped further by how there was a certain feeling of apathy towards the Key 103 brand that preceded it)

* I'll spare you the clickbait article.
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(10-01-2024, 01:47 PM)Toby brown Wrote:  Surprised it took this long. I guess the radio city tower will need a name change

The Red Dragon Centre is still called that in Cardiff Bay despite the radio station of the same name became Capital a long while ago. The signs on the entrance says 'Red Dragon Centre, Home of Capital'.

Though there is a Capital Shopping Centre already in Cardiff, so they couldn't change it to that really.


This is a sad day for well-known local radio names. Signal 1 being replaced by Hits Radio Staffordshire & Cheshire - a bit of a mouthful. Will these heritage brands ever return? Will the audience rebel or will Joe Public give a toss? BRMB returned although from what I've heard, its not as it once was. Similar to when Carlton took over Central & Westcountry, the local names still remained once Carlton went.
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Those TV brands bit the dust for good once Granada and Carlton merged though. They were gone in 2006. This is just the radio version of that. Doesn't matter how well known the names are locally, nationally this change makes them easier to advertise, so it makes sense. They're going away forever, unfortunately. They haven't had their own branding since around 2000 anyway. At least Viking hasn't, it's just been using a couple of generic network logos with the local name on it.

I assume the mish mash of a brand that is Radio City Hits Live will be getting a rename, seeing as the City brand will be long dead by the time it happens.


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When Nightowls on Metro ended in 2019, there was a specially extended show that ran from 7pm.

It was a superb production, featuring lots of interviews with old Metro staff, that not only commemorated the finale of the late night phone-in but also served as a fitting end point for Metro itself.

From that point on, the local identity, which of course had already been diluted, has been the thinnest of thin facades. This news is long overdue.

We'll see if the Hits Radio brand can stand on its own merits and format, with the benefit of national marketing.
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(10-01-2024, 09:01 PM)VMPhil Wrote:  I assume the mish mash of a brand that is Radio City Hits Live will be getting a rename, seeing as the City brand will be long dead by the time it happens.

I assume it'll be called simply Hits Live. That url you linked to even calls it just Radio City Live, so the Radio City Hits Live name was clearly a now obsolete usage of dual branding.

Very poor Government regulation and oversight of the media sector. Sad state of affairs.
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Hits Radio in the FM only areas where it currently broadcasts have been underperforming, so it's a risk to stealth introduce the brand in the heritage ILR areas.

Bauer will be hoping at least in the immediate interim that listeners will stick with them thanks to the local breakfast show which will eventually be dropped as the three hour local hour rule within an approved regional area is axed for local news in return along with the fact the same network presenters will still be there at the same time.
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(10-01-2024, 05:13 PM)James2001 Wrote:  Not that much comes from there these days anyway... and most of what does it outside of public opening times, so you don't get much chance to see the presenters in the studios any more. I went there last year and they were all completely empty, which was sad.

As I understand it, the only shows that come from there are breakfast for Rock FM/Radio City & Greatest Hits Radio. Myself and another forum member went up back in November, and whilst it was cool to see everything, none of the studios seemed to be in use at the time (around 13:00).

The other thing I'd note from the trip was the branding. Whilst some had been updated, other parts hadn't. There were still logos up for Radio City 3 (reverted to The Hits in 2017) and Radio City Talk (ceased in 2020).

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I kissed a gull and I liked it!
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