Hits Radio Rebrand Rollout

I wonder how long the Scottish stations have before they're subsumed too? Clyde 1 had an excellent 3 hour retrospective on Hogmanay celebrating 'the first 50 years', which is putting a lot of faith in Golden Square not imminently rebranding them.

I keep seeing Gary Stein quoted in the press releases - perhaps as a Clyde and Northsound alumnus he's giving that division some special treatment.

BBC News is running a story on the possible future of St John's Beacon, following the rebrand announcement. Apparently the structure, which is Grade II listed, has the Radio City branding a feature of its listed status.


BBC News have picked up on the sticking point that is the Radio City Tower:


Even though Bauer claim to be taking the heritage into consideration, we all know these corporate radio folk are (for want of a better word) gobs**tes, and I can envision them trying to rechristen it the Hits Tower to considerable furore.

Hopefully they'll find a decent compromise, leaving the name in place and having a banner over the antenna saying something to the effect of "Home to Hits Radio Liverpool", but as mentioned, the studios are being used less and less to the point where that might not even be accurate.

The article says Radio City "has been broadcast from St John's Beacon since 1974"... only 26 years out, they didn't move in until 2000.

Anyone who's watching the Brookside episodes on STV Player will have recently seen a couple of characters breaking into the then (in 1985) abandoned tower to post Free George Jackson on the windows.

I’m not particularly bothered about that. It’s only been the Radio City Tower since 2000, for many years before that it was simply St John’s Beacon, and Radio City’s original studios were in Stanley Street. It’s not like Havelock House where that was the building UTV were located all through the company’s existence.

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(10-01-2024, 07:56 PM)Juicy Joe Wrote:  BRMB returned although from what I've heard, its not as it once was.

Now operating a little dubiously as a community licence, formerly known as the even-more dubiously run Big City Radio.

Under the ownership of Muff Murfin (also owns Sunshine Radio, used to own the last iteration of Buzz FM before it lost its licence), who supposedly managed to buy the necessary trademarks off Bauer.

You may recall he also turned the youth community station in Worcester into a 'reborn' Radio Wyvern (Bauer allowed him to use the name)

It hasn't caught much traction in its opening months, despite having a few ex-BBC Local presenters on its weekend schedule.

Does do some local news and sport but one can't help feel if it's worth the bother, really.

This is really sad news. Grew up listening to Rock FM, as did pretty much everyone I know from back home.

Overproduced national brands just don’t really do it for me, but they play some music and have some vaguely entertaining talking between some of the songs. They tick the box for what most listeners want.

As far as I can tell local radio can still be profitable, but bigger brands with deep pockets are stifling that.
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(10-01-2024, 01:47 PM)Toby brown Wrote:  Surprised it took this long. I guess the radio city tower will need a name change

If it doesn't become "The Bauer Tower", I think they're missing a trick...
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When Gem went DAB only a few weeks ago, I saw this coming, but I didn't expect it to be so fast. There's already a generic "Hits Radio" station on the same multiplex, so I guess that will be going... hopefully they can use the freed up data to make GHR stereo (laughable that so many DAB stations are still mono).

(10-01-2024, 11:09 PM)thegeek Wrote:  I keep seeing Gary Stein quoted in the press releases - perhaps as a Clyde and Northsound alumnus he's giving that division some special treatment.

Very much based in Manchester these days, I understand (having previously been programming director for Key - rejoined after a spell overseeing Heart in London)

Can’t imagine he has the overall final say regards to brands or rebrands - though it’s been pretty telling that there is quite a high management turnover in Bauer Radio at senior level (see RadioToday)

Graham Bryce’s departure as MD last year was one of the more notable exits.

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