Channel 4 1998 One Circle Concept

(02-02-2024, 11:57 AM)WillPS Wrote:  Interesting that so many junctions had no CA at all back in the 90s (by design too, not just an ident playing out in silence).

Channel 4 had some really great graphic design and branding concepts going on in the 90s. Compare it to the current presentation style, which is so generic it could be used by any channel.

[Image: 1592580878_1869298444.svg]
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The 4 circle design very much used alongside those - in these BBC chameleon days that wouldn't raise an eyebrow but in hindsight it is very odd. Even odder really when they were amended they went for the one circle rather than the 4 circles, and I certainly don't think the revised design was in anyway better. Did the squares breakbumper survive until the April rebrand?

Worth noting these came in around the same time as FilmFour was about to launch so not sure if there was any connection. FilmFour itself used a glass 4 cut out which could have worked better than the single circle on the tweaked idents, but they were clearly still somewhat committed to the circle at that point.

(02-02-2024, 12:02 PM)James2001 Wrote:  I can also remember Channel 4 having that strange short lived version of IVC which consisted of a camera in the announcer's booth, with the announcer acting like the camera wasn't there (so staring at their script, a monitor, a fader etc.), was bizarre.

Here's an example from around 1997: 
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They did have normal IVC when the channel first launched as well, mostly at closedown, there's quite a few IVC closedowns from the first few months on Youtube.

After some more digging the following seems to be in the ball Park:

12th - 18th Oct:
New Look come in, on Friday 16th October:

19th - 25th Oct:
Still in use this week:

26th - 1st NOV:
The REVISED simpler new look was in use:
Film four the channel launched on Sunday 1st Nov 1998:

What we just don't know is if it was over the weekend of 24/25 of Monday 26 the change happened, from the original to simple look.

When it comes to junctions with no idents or announcers a few ITV companies were like that. Of course ITV daytime like that right now until 1.30pm

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