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Anthony Joshua V Francis Ngannou will be shown on Sky Sports Box Office making it the first AJ fight shown on Sky Sports in the last few years. It will also be shown on DAZN PPV as well. 
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Boxing has become so boring in recent years - just the same crop going round in circles dodging the bigger fights.
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(19-02-2024, 10:14 AM)Brekkie Wrote:  So nowhere near the Amazon level of coverage.

In terms of replay availability, no. In terms of live coverage since last week there is more, given they have the ATP 250-level tournaments that Amazon didn't have (WTA is the same).

(18-02-2024, 10:30 PM)WillPS Wrote:  Been on newer Roku/Now TV devices, and Apple TV, for years. Good to see it rolling out on more devices tho.

There's more detail on supported devices here: #

Got it on my Fire Stick today (may have been sooner but I've been away)
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