New trailer for Netflix ‘Scoop’ series, featuring recreated NBH Studio B

Netflix released a trailer for their upcoming series about the Newsnight interview with Prince Andrew today, with Gillian Anderson starring as Emily Maitlis: 

That’s all well and good and I’m sure I’ll watch it when it comes out, but the thing I was most interested in was, of course, what appears to be a recreation of the old BBC News set in Studio B at Broadcasting House! 
Web Image 
Web Image

From first glance, they appear to have done a pretty decent job of mocking up the ‘hard’ side of the old Studio B, with the height adjustable desk and catwalk screens. It looks to be missing the ‘soft’ set and when you look closer a few inaccuracies start to appear (such as the desk top in the press image, which is consistent with that style of BBC News set, except Studio B’s main desk had a different top to all the others), but considering how bad fake TV news sets often appear this looks to be an admirable effort.

As sets go, this era of Studio B must have featured in more than its fair share of high-profile TV shows! Only a few years back did the exact same set (the real deal this time, rather than a recreation, but again dressed for Newsnight) feature in BBC drama The Capture. As the show was filmed during the pandemic and Studio B mothballed during it, I think that show also had the claim to fame of being the last to shoot in that version of Studio B.
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That's a genuinely impressive recreation, to a degree I don't think I've ever seen with this kind of thing (partially as there's no real incentive to go that far). Looks a higher quality than many official recreations of national sets. Probably the biggest inaccuracy are the cameras, which didn't use full studio lenses.
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BT Sport studios stood in for BH - hence the box lenses on the cameras.

There's yet another recreation of B to come - Amazon are making their own drama on the same subject: 

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