It is reported below that Amazon is set to shut down its Freevee streaming service. This follows the introduction of ads to the basic tier of Amazon Prime, with both services offering a similar viewer experience. 

Can't help but feel that's Neighbours axed again then. It'll get lost amongst Prime content.

Blimey, that article is certainly very familiar with the matter.
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(21-02-2024, 06:28 PM)IanJRedman Wrote:  Blimey, that article is certainly very familiar with the matter.

It is, but then it links to an article from last year which says an Amazon Ad-supported tier isn't imminent when of course it's not in place.

I wonder if Amazon might copy the Peacock model with its mix of free, paid with ads and paid without ads.

There is still a market for AVOD and I suspect that Tubi will launch in the UK in the next few months.

The addition of an ad-tier to Prime Video really seems to have put a spanner in the works for Freevee.

I think it comes down to Pluto having a longer presence in the FAST market and the Prime Video app having more downloads than Freevee, so they might as well use Prime Video as the home of FAST and AVOD under one app.

I believe Prime Video is also supported by more devices than Freevee as well, which may have been part of the reason why they may be taking this course of action.

If they go for a three tier model could see sport being only available on the top tier.

Amazon have just stated that Freevee will not be rested
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(21-02-2024, 08:04 PM)EJnutz Wrote:  Amazon have just stated that Freevee will not be rested

“There are no changes to Freevee,” the rep said in an email to Variety. “Amazon Freevee remains an important streaming offering providing both Prime and non-Prime customers thousands of hit movies, shows, and originals, all for free.” 
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Merging Amazon Prime and Freevee makes sense, if they do go the tiered route I could see Amazon Prime Video Free, Amazon Prime Plus and Amazon Prime Premium.

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