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Couldn't find an established thread for discussing the music channels that That's TV run, apart from the discussion about the entertainment channels in the Industry News local tv thread, so here's one…

Alongside their existing 60s, 80s and 90s channels, it seems that including, or in addition to, acquiring the former Trace Vault channel slot of Sky, That's have also acquired the 'Chart Show' brand, today launching 'Chart Show Retro', essentially just a mix of the 80s and 90s music played on the other channels.

It's been testing for the last week and a half, and it's interesting to see how they've altered the look. Originally, the idents were modelled in the style of the old ITV Chart Show, using the same music with a recreated logo and early 90s looking 3D models of the rollercoaster, bumper cars, space rocket 'thingys', but now the channel has launched, they're using some of the more recent mid 2010s idents used on both Chart Show TV and Chart Show Dance, just with some new music.

They also tested a 'Play' graphic in a sort of VHS style at the start of videos before the lower right song information appeared, though they look to have removed it before launching 

I've been watching this channel off the EPG for some time and been really enjoying the selection of music (80s/90s).

The branding seems a bit mixed right now, the logo on the Sky EPG is in the older ITV style and matched the idents used pre-launch. The idents are, as you say, the Chart Show TV ones from the mid-2010s with that logo. The onscreen DOG seems to be also from Chart Show TV but an earlier one from the mid-2000s I think. (EDIT: Actually it's not the same DOG but a recreation)

I wonder whether we'll see more Chart Show branded channels in future though. Or even rebranding the existing That's channels to be under the Chart Show name?

Since this is about That's in general, I can't help but think That's TV is unsure of it's audience and messes far too much with it's scheduling. They seem to acquire a lot of old repeats of youth shows, but still air old classics like the Benny Hill Show, or worse, throw out the reruns and still hog them, like the whole press buzz of them rerunning Home and Away until they didn't. It either wants to be Granada Plus, or a more younger skewing Dave. It can't be both.

Doesn't help that That's TV 2, which was supposed to allow them to repeat more classic programming has turned out to just repeat the same programming as their regular channel. And it's almost like That's have completely forgotten that their whole purpose and existence was to be local. And the adverts are all the typical local ads that couldn't afford to pay for the big channels. If Talking Pictures TV is meant to be endearing running their channel from a shed, I dread to think how That's TV operates.

That's TV have updated the 'Where to Watch' section on their website to include brand new channels, That's Memories and That's Dance.

It's not like this now - but the Sky numbers listed on the website are Sky 360 (That's Memories) and Sky 365 (That's Dance). Which is currently where Chart Show Retro and That's 60s are respectively. I'm not saying those channels will be rebranded to match the names of these new channels, but given That's Media and their tendency to change brands every so often, I wouldn't be surprised.

Saying that though, That's themselves have described Chart Show Retro as a "pilot" channel according to the information on RXTV Info. So I believe it wouldn't have lasted long in its current form anyway.

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The That's music channels on Freeview (including the local Manchester MUX) have switched around so Dance and Memories have already launched and will probably make an appearance on satellite soon enough.

What I've noticed for That's Dance is that it seems to be a morning programme broadcast on That's 90s.

Freeview had That's 90s as a part-time service before they renamed it as That's Dance. Since its launch in September, it's been rebroadcasting (or at least has the same programmes as) the satellite feed. The morning programmes branded as That's Dance can be seen on the Satellite feed.

What's a bit of an oddity is that from 9am onwards they seem to revert back to their general 90s playlist with the That's Dance DOG still onscreen. So you'll end up getting the likes of Garbage, Blur, Fat Les, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, whilst the brand name at the top is labelled That's Dance. Something you wouldn't see on Clubland! It seems to revert back to the That's 90s DOG from 12pm onwards.

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One thing I've noticed on That's 60s is the vast difference in quality of the footage they show- some is proper 50i video, but then some are clearly a low bitrate video downloaded from YouTube or similar and all sorts in between, no to mention That's themselves have likely messed up the encoding of some of them regardless of source.

Vintage TV were similar... as are the Now channels, sometimes you even have another music channel's DOG visible. One reason it's a shame the Box channels are closing because at least their videos all seemed to come from proper high quality sources (even if they do crop most of them to 16:9).

It looks like on Monday according to the EPG, Chart Show Retro will be replaced by a fulltime That's Dance channel. The programmes indicate they'll be focusing on dance music from the 1990s and 2000s up until present day. If they stick to this promise, it'll be VERY interesting. Big Grin

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Talking of That's TV's EPG, this one popped up in my Twitter feed today: 

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You could remove the Programme listings and it wouldn't make any difference with the output. Not like they're any different to each other, it's just videos on a loop most of the time. They rarely ever do presented programmes: I think they did a couple with Tony Blackburn on That's 60s, and Dave Pearce on That's 90s - but that's about as much as I can think of.

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