Wallace & Gromit Returns

With some more information coming to light, I think it's right to revive this thread from the purple place.

Tonight has seen the title and further information revealed. The 70 minute special will be titled Vengeance Most Fowl and see the return of the evil supervillain 'chicken' Feathers McGraw.

Unsurprisingly, Ben Whitehead will rplace the late Peter Sallis as Wallace, with the extended run time meaning a bigger than normal voice cast. Peter Kay reprises his role from The Curse of the Ware Rabbit feature film as Chief Inspector (formerly PC) Mackintosh; also part of the cast are Lauren Patel and Reece Shearsmith, with cameos from Diane Morgan, Adjoa Andoh and Lenny Henry.



First of all, as delighted as I was with the original announcment, the excitement has definitely increased with this evening's announcment. Though it will be the first time there is a recurring villain in its history, Feathers McGraw is the perfect one to bring back and looks as evil and cunning as ever.

The run time of 70 minute has surprised me, though I think there was rumours beforehand of it being 'feature length' or certainly longer than 30mins. Outisde of The Curse of the Ware Rabbit feature film, all the previous films were around 30 minutes in length, so this is a change in tact for the franchise. There is no mention of a specific date in the latest press release, which means that this could easily not end up on Christmas Day if the BBC One schedules desire it. I'm not that familiar with it, but are Netflix (who will be showing this globally) prone to Christmas Day releases or would they rather launch another day either side of it? Certainly the 70 minute runtime makes it far less likely that all of the big hits will premiere on Christmas Day on BBC One.
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Surely it’s a prime candidate for after the King’s Christmas message? At 70 minutes it’s slightly shorter than a Pixar or whatever film, so would help shift everything else forward by 20/30 minutes to squeeze in Gavin & Stacey (with the other 30 minutes coming from Ghosts not being on).
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I think it's a shame it's 70 minutes - half an hour is a treat, 70 minutes is perhaps overindulgence.

Agree 3.10 is probably likely, then followed by Strictly. Probably saves The Wheel too and means Call the Midwife stays on Christmas Day, which it was always doing anyway but personally I think it would be more useful on Boxing Day.

3.10 just seems way too early for a new W+G.

I think they’d be nuts to put it at 3.10pm, it could be massive if they air it around 7/7.30.

Either way, I think they should put Gladiators on Xmas day over The Wheel, given how big the former was.


There’s an argument to be made to remove Doctor Who over Call the Midwife given the poor ratings of DW, but given it’ll only be an hour and Call The Midwife is 90 minutes, it’d be better to have that as the centrepiece of Xmas Eve.

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I personally could definitely see W&G headlining primetime Christmas Day alongside the already confirmed Gavin & Stacey special, with the Outnumbered special on Christmas Eve. Doctor Who would fit on either day, but Christmas Day would likely be where it would do best. Gladiators could work for either day really.

Call the Midwife is (in my opinion) long overdue a move from Christmas Day, the 90-minute runtime is quite the ask and you could squeeze 3 half hours, 2 45-minute programmes or a half-hour and hour-long programme where it stands. It would certainly make for an ideal Xmas Eve anchor with Outnumbered.
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I don't think they'd push Wallace and Gromit too late although it's probably of a vintage where it appeals to the parents more than the child.

Strictly might fit better at 3.10 if something has to air that early rather than W&G. If they keep Strictly to an hour the other staples then all fit in after, including The Wheel. Otherwise switchboard The Wheel for Blankety Blank gives them an extra 20 minutes to play with.

In a way having Wallace and Gromit, Doctor Who and Gavin and Stacey justifies keeping Call the Midwife to serve a different audience.
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It feels like Wallace and Gromit should be one of the main events in late afternoon / tea time where other animated specials go. The length doesn't help it, but it feels like it didn't ought to be at 3.10pm. Everything could breath a little bit more if Call the Midwife was to vacate the slot.
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There'll be another Magic Light / Julia Donaldson to fit in too - although I think that was pre-King last year.

I do wonder if Wallace & Gromit might end up being Christmas Eve.

I suspect we don't have to randomly guess what the idents will be this year anyway!
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It's funny how Doctor Who which has been a nailed down "must" for Xmas Day ever since it was announced now looks one of the weaker options but will probably still air there, partly to avoid Russell T Davies throwing a strop. I think also even though Wallace and Gromit can appeal to all ages, it is also missable depending on what else is on. If the two are paired together, ITV should be looking to capitalise.

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