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(29-08-2022, 09:37 PM)Medianext.MX Wrote:  
(29-08-2022, 07:28 PM)Jon Wrote:  It’s even more surprising considering Qatar is meant to be hosting a World Cup in a few months.

Speaking of this, how is beIN handling the preparations for their historic World Cup coverage and what are their plans for the tournament, both in the Arabic and English sides?

Not much has been announced on the actual coverage presentation or personalities yet. There are various promos during adbreaks like the one below using the "One World One Home" as the tagline: 

The studio coverage around matches has plenty of mentions of how many days left until the World Cup starts and now has a graphic at the bottom of the screen (not shown during actual match coverage luckily) of the number of days left as well.

Except for some FTA matches (Qatar and other Arab team matches probably), the rest of the World Cup will be on the six BeIN Sports Max channels at an extra cost to the normal subscription. The current price (there have been discounts and there will be more discounts) is $225 in the Gulf countries (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc) and $90 in other countries (Jordan, Palestine, North African countries etc.).

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After two years without a broadcaster partner in the MENA region when BeIN didn't renew at the end of 2019/20 season, Bundesliga is now back on BeIN Sports from this week:

[Image: image.png]

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AFC (Asian Football Confederation) rights renewed until 2032 by BeIN in an expanded deal - 

In a strange situation, currently AFC matches are on special BeIN AFC channels which don't work for subscribers in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and UAE (rights held by SSC, Channel 4 Iraq and Abu Dhabi Sports in those countries). This will continue until 2024 when BeIN will then have exclusive rights across the whole of the MENA region including those 3 countries. Unknown if coverage will move to normal BeIN channels or will continue on the special AFC channels.

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Some information on the BeIN Sports World Cup team has been released, the presenters and pundits include:

Richard Keys
Nicky Crosby
Kaylyn Kyle
Reshmin Chowdhury

John Terry
Gary Neville
Peter Schmichael
Arsen Wenger
Ruud Gullit
Jason McAteer
George Boateng
Alessandro Del Piero
Marcel Desailly
David Villa
Lothar Matthäus
Mike Dean 

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Some images of BeIN's studio for the AFC Asian Cup currently being held in Qatar and showing on three special "BeIN Sports Asian Cup" channels (2 in Arabic and one in English).


Stadium based and pitch side coverage is also being used:


Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iraq have different broadcasters holding the rights with the BeIN channels blacked out for those countries.

4 BeIN Sports AFCON channels (2 Arabic, 1 English and 1 French) will start coverage of AFCON tomorrow.

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