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Starting a new thread because I don't know where to put this. When did the sponsor for Channel 4 weather change? I remember it being Stihl but now it's DeLonghi?

Accidental VT clock shown into the weekend weather just now.

What does that say about a channel if it scares fish? Just talk me through that.
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Yes, and not a momentary flash of VT clock, as sometimes happens: 
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Very severe and dangerous winter weather affecting most of the US is causing local broadcasters to get ready in many ways. For example, Nexstar-owned NBC affiliate WAVY in Hampton Roads explained the dangerous wind chill caused by the winter storm through an AR Santa Claus turning blue: 

WSI/Baron weather systems are also having issues with the record breaking temps, leading to the color coding going off limits: 

Sinclair's WKRC/Cincinnati has asked anchors and meteorologists to cancel their Christmas days off in order to cover the storm: 

We might see also WSB trying to do again its overkill box-a-palooza for this storm; this infamous situation used during the 2014 and 2017 winter storm that rocked Atlanta was used to boast the station's team coverage. 
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As has been noted elsewhere, it looks like BBC Weather has FINALLY updated to the new logo. Edit - pardon the tiny thumbnail the upload tool is generating - click to see properly!


Looks to be white and black text variants which I think is new as only ever remember seeing white text on the pictures they've chosen. A bit of a new animation as the text appears but nothing else dramatically different. Plus the presenter name is now proper case, rather than all in upper case.

Is it just me or have they completely botched the animation for the captions bottom right on the maps though? I'm sure they used to animate with a subtle 'judder' of the boxes and a smooth slide across but now they seem to be sliding on and off in quite a jarring way. Perhaps I'm imaging it but sure they used to animate much more fluidly than they do now.

SBS World News in Australia started including indigenous place names in their weather map last month.

In their own words:

Quote:Launching tonight to coincide with United Nations International Mother Language Day, the SBS World News weather map will now also feature First Nations place names across the continent, reflecting Traditional Custodianship and more than 60,000 years of history.

Developed following extensive consultation with communities, and collaboration with Traditional Custodians and cultural knowledge holders, it builds on SBS’s use of First Nations place names across news reporting, Acknowledgement of Country across programs, and is part of SBS’s commitment to elevating and embedding First Nations languages and cultures across its network.

Rhoda Roberts AO, a proud Widjabul Wia-bal woman and SBS’s Elder-in-Residence, introduced the weather report on SBS World News tonight, saying, “The revitalisation of First Nations languages heals our nation. For me, it’s a time of a new awakening that informs us all. Behind every word you will find information about the seasons, the place and the ecology of our wonderful country. It’s more than education – it’s also the science and the realisation that words can enlighten us all”.

Tonight’s launch is part of SBS’s Traditional Place and Nations Names Project, an ongoing initiative that will see a significant increase in the use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Place and Nation names, elevating the use of First Languages across the entire network.

And this is how it looked like, courtesy to Media Spy:

[Image: 9dabd50e41d1ce3eab07203806ddf0205051277d...0x770.jpeg][Image: fe837dd4041c13a6ee781250ed99cdaa2571a769.jpeg]

Watch this space...
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WPVI in Philadelphia has received the upcoming ABC owned stations standardized Weather graphics , WLS in Chicago received them first.  

[Image: qOVM1xts_o.png]

[Image: KSPzGUGz_o.png]

[Image: aFw47Khp_o.png]

[Image: WXqg0sK3_o.png]

[Image: CCwaJTBb_o.png]
The only flaw is  that numbers are too low , and I've seen this on WLS too  where on screen bug gets in the way of the 7th day of the forecast's numbers. They should remove the bugs during the weather.  The graphics are really nice. 
[Image: rOobg1Ud_o.png]

Since the tornadoes that devastated MS last week, a local meteorologist in Tupelo MS has "gone viral" with people saying he was "overwhelmed" on air. I disagree with that,  I think a better description could have been used. Not sure overwhelmed is the best descriptor. I dont agree. He had been on air for hours before he prayed and hours following.  Whilst i dont agree with praying on air, i dont think someone should be called "overwhelmed " when he carried hours of live rolling coverage, unscripted often directing the operators in the gallery and other producers live on air what camera and data sources to take and put on air. Those outside North America often fail to see the value of local tv weather operations and, why they are so specific, why tv stations make huge investments in weather, and why they devote hours of time to weather coverage in a tornado outbreak, sometime even hours thru the night. They get dismissed as silly and gimmicky. They arent perfect but they offer a live saving service for such a massive country with turbulent weather patterns. Running a crawl or a full screen graphic is simply not enough. I remember someone in a forum suggested why not have them stand in front of a plain wall an just read out the warning. Incredible.

I watched the coverage on ROKU and it was hard to watch, because you know peoples live are being destroyed and unfortunately they could be losing their life at that very moment if they fail to heed the warnings and typically its the local meteorologist who is the only person on air at the time telling the viewer whats happening and where to go and when. How to save their lives.  And in that moment when an entire town is LITERALLY being obliterated IN REAL TIME, taking lives and livelihoods 1000s of feet into the sky, they cant just stop to talk to local officials, take a mental health break, or sometimes to stop and eat or lay down or in some occasions to actually stop and talk about the damage, because they tornado may still be on the ground doing damage. Because there may be 3 or 5 more other tornadoes on the ground doing the same thing at the same time, they just have to keep going. 

Just imagine for a second this thing spinning at 200mph towards your house in the middle of the night, flinging cars and trucks and other debris from your neighbours house as fast as 60mph. Nothing will be able to withstand that. 
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Really cool innovation from the Google and The Weather Channel. They have launched the SkyFX Camera network . Its a network of live cameras coupled with weather collection devices for use on The Weather Channel and Google service. The cool thing is the cameras are movable and can be remotely zoomed and steered. Especially useful to watch changing weather conditions. Such as tornados on the horizon. 

Some interesting innovations in East Asian weather forecasts: both RTHK in Hong Kong and Formosa TV in Taiwan launched their own AI-generated anchors.

Formosa TV's rendition which, in usual Taiwanese news editorial style, was heavily teased by the station. As FTV is currently having its license under review, how will the authorities see this relative to their commitment is a point of concern: 

RTHK's, which elevates the filler content in their continuity to a formal programme: 

Watch this space...
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